Friday, July 26, 2013

Another Beach Day in the SoCal with the ladies

Sand, salty water, warm sun, buckets filled to the brim, and smiling girls are a few of the joys that the Beach brings my little ladies. Seeing how the sandy shores of the local SoCal Beaches are only a short 10 minute drive down the street, I've randomly decided to load the car with all the beach necessities a few time in the last few weeks, and treat my girls to wonder, amazement, and fun that our home has to offer. They build castles, they roll around in the sand, they swim and splash tirelessly, they collect & throw away trash, and they smile and giggle the entire time! The Beach has definitely become one of our special places to create memories this Summer! Another Beach Day July 2013 28 Another Beach Day July 2013 37 Another Beach Day July 2013 8 Another Beach Day July 2013 24 Another Beach Day July 2013 11 Another Beach Day July 2013 7 Another Beach Day July 2013 5 Another Beach Day July 2013 56 Another Beach Day July 2013 23

Friday, July 19, 2013

Gifts for Brother...New Blankies

Bringing a blanket to the hospital is a family tradition that I started when Giulietta came to the hospital to meet her Baby Sister, Presley, for the first time. However, two and a half years ago, I didn't sew everything like I do today. So, I took Giulietta to Babies R' Us and she picked out a soft pink blankie with a brown monkey on it. I distinctly remember watching my first born proudly carry that blanket into our hospital room & walk it right over to her brand new sister & gently hand it to her. My heart melted at that very moment, and to this day Presley still sleeps with her Monkey Blankie! 

Thus, this little tradition must continue! In fact, what I have been looking forward to the most throughout my entire pregnancy, besides pushing this boy out, is introducing him to my girls & seeing their faces light up.  So, this time, I took the girls to Joann's, and gave them freedom to choose any fabric from the hundreds of choices the store has to offer. We sat together, serged up all the edges of the one yard piece of fabric in order to make a very easy & simple receiving blanket. This little project took us about 20 minutes total for both the blankets, and as you can see my girls were delighted to help me & even more excited about their final projects. 

After the girls enjoyed a little snuggling with these new blankets, we washed them, tied them with a bow & placed them in a bag. Now they are all ready for my little ladies to bring them to the hospital when they meet their Little Brother for the first time! 
Making Brother's Blankets July 2013 6 Making Brother's Blankets July 2013 13 Making Brother's Blankets July 2013 33 Making Brother's Blankets July 2013 43 Making Brother's Blankets July 2013 52 Making Brother's Blankets July 2013 67 Making Brother's Blankets July 2013 79 Making Brother's Blankets July 2013 58 Making Brother's Blankets July 2013 85 Making Brother's Blankets July 2013 96 Making Brother's Blankets July 2013 107 Making Brother's Blankets July 2013 116 Making Brother's Blankets July 2013 120 Making Brother's Blankets July 2013 132 Making Brother's Blankets July 2013 139 Making Brother's Blankets July 2013 168 Making Brother's Blankets July 2013 177

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

A Few More Days...An Outpouring of My Heart

So many women say, "When I was a little girl I dreamed..." You can use your imagination here and fill in the blank with whatever magical life altering moment you want to drum up. As much as I want to say this was and has been the story of my life, I can't! I honestly have no clue what I dreamed about when I was a little girl, but I'm pretty darn sure it wasn't anything pertaining to marriage, children, homes, jobs, or any other "grown-up" nonsense. I was a kid, I did kid things & thought kid things. And, to be quite honest, as much as I make it appear I have everything planned out perfectly, I actually don't!

The one place in my life that my Type A controlling personality doesn't take over is planning what the future holds. Sure I have dreams, goals, and desires. Yes...I believe in reaching for the stars. But, as hard as I work at achieving those ideals, I just go with the flow, see what life brings me, and walk this path of life doing things MY WAY. My path hasn't always been easy, there have been bumps and turns along the way and perhaps a few U-turns! But, isn't the truth that the things we work the hardest for in our lives the ones we actually truly value the most?

My husband, my best friend, my rock! It amazes me that after being together half our lives, we are able to keep that special spark ignited. No one seems to understand and put up the madness of me quite like Ryan does, and for that I'm thankful. He's the calm to my storm, the patience I swear I have but don't really, the reason behind the chaos I create, the teacher I need, and the unconditional love I am grateful for. He has taught me to go with it as much as I fight it, and to sit back and relax in order to enjoy the little things in life. He's given me six amazing years of marriage, 2 almost 3 beautiful children, and a promised future full of love as we grow old together.

Morad Maternity_071413_1293 (1) Morad Maternity_071413_1333 Morad Maternity_071413_1314 Morad Maternity_071413_1281
My first-born, my GEM, my Big Sister! Giulietta made me a Momma, taught me how the love a Momma has for her child happens before birth, and has given me 4 years full of firsts. My sweet girl is a serious thinker who can be found contemplating much of what life has to offer, she follows instead of leads which quite frankly scares me because its so not my personality, and she is the BEST big sister anyone could ask for. She surprises me with her intelligence and ability to soak up the world around her almost daily, and she makes me yearn to see where her future leads her. She will make a significant impact on this world just the same as she has made one on my heart!

Morad Maternity_071413_0767-1 (1) Morad Maternity_071413_0758-1
My wild child, my twin, my Little Sister! Presley is a ball of fire, just like her hair, packed full of so much personality. She has taught me to look at life in such a different way, to accept the things we cannot change, and to truly make time for the little things that really matter. She's the nurturing type, my little Momma in the making, and a lover of all things baby! I call her Mini because she is so tiny compared to Giulietta, yet her spirit and confidence make up where he stature may be lacking. She is the one I worry about the most, because my need for her to be close to me is so much deeper then anyone will ever know. And, as she continues to grow, I know my heart will break in beautiful bittersweet pieces as I slowly watch her walk her own path.

Morad Maternity_071413_0723-1 Morad Maternity_071413_0839 (1)
My number three, my something blue, my Boy! It certainly seems surreal that after nine months of having Baby Boy inside, I am a mere few days away from holding him in my arms and whispering his name out loud to him for the first time. Once again, our life as we know it will change. And, as much as I appear to be a pro at this Momma thing, I'm definitely a bit new and curious about the whole boy thing. From his physical body parts, to his supposed high energy level, to his "Momma's Boyness" I'm excited to be able to say I have a son, to see what my new role in life will bring, and snuggle my baby close to my chest as my salty tears of joy caress his soft skin. But, most of all I'm excited to see the bond he forms with his Daddy-O as the years pass.

Morad Maternity_071413_1369 (1) Morad Maternity_071413_1198 Morad Maternity_071413_1151 Morad Maternity_071413_0940 Morad Maternity_071413_0901 Morad Maternity_071413_0758
Life is so precious, so delicate, so perfect in so many ways, and it can't be planned out when one is really living it to it's full potential. As my last few days of being pregnant unfold, I feel my baby boy's kicks the last few times inside of my torpedo shaped belly, and The Morad Four turns into the Morad Five I hope to be able to slow down time enough to truly be able to embrace this miracle of life that the Hubster and I have again created. And, now is the time that I dream!

I dream of the last push that leads to the moment the doctor places my naked Little Boy on my chest so I can count his 10 perfect fingers and 10 perfect toes. I dream about seeing the tears well in my sweet husbands eyes the first time he holds his Baby Boy. I dream of watching my 2 daughters walk into the hospital room to hold their new Baby Brother they've waited so long and so patiently for. I dream of taking our Baby Boy home from the hospital and into his new loving home. I dream of introducing our new bundle of joy to all our family, friends, and loved ones who have showed so much support to our family. I dream of mornings curled up on the couch with my three little loves next to me, and my one big one close by. And, I dream of a lifetime full of love,  happy memories and a path well traveled OUR WAY!

**A special Thank You to Marci Phee for taking the time & love to capture these beautiful pictures of my growing family! We love you and appreciate all you love, support and kindness!!**

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Soaking Up the Sisters

There is something about the way my two girls are with each other that makes me wish I had a sister. I would never in a million years trade my Brother Kenny for a sister, but I have always wondered what it would be like to share that unexplainable connection two girls have with each other with a sister. Sure, best friends have filled that need for a sister connection throughout the years, and I ultimately feel thankful that I do have those Soul Sisters in my life. However, in my opinion there is nothing as pure, as sweet, or as perfect as a connection between two siblings...two sisters!

My girls are really inseparable. They sleep together, eat together, bathe together, play together, fight together, dance together, laugh & cry together, go to school together, and experience all life has to offer together. They are each others first best friends and their friendship, love, and sisterly ways is something I dream of them holding close to their hearts as they grow old together.

With the days of Baby Brother's arrival ticking by faster & faster, I am holding tight to these days with my big sister & little sister. I'm relishing in hearing their little giggles in the morning coming from their room as they wake each other up. I'm enjoying watching them dance holding hands and singing at the top of their lungs around the dining room most nights before they go to bed. And, I'm holding dear to my heart the moments, like the ones below, when I capture them sharing that sisterly bond that I'll never truly know!
Mayflower Preschool May 13-May 17, 2013 7 Mayflower Preschool May 13-May 17, 2013 9 Mayflower Preschool May 13-May 17, 2013 2 Mayflower Preschool May 13-May 17, 2013 12 Mayflower Preschool May 13-May 17, 2013 5


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