Tuesday, April 30, 2013

This Moment

There are many moments these days that I take snapshots with my heart so that I can look back and remember the beauty of them, and then there are those that I actually capture and thank God that the shutter on my iPhone was able to blink fast enough for me. This is one such moment that I've been holding onto, saving up, really thinking about how I wanted to share it.

To me, it screams beauty, love, and a bond between a brother and sister already forming. As I sit here right now looking at this innocence, tears are streaming down my face, ya ya I know it's probably the dumb pregnancy hormones and that the tears have been coming so much easier these days, but really truly this moment melts my heart.

You see, my sweet Giulietta doesn't openly talk much about having another sibling, she doesn't really play with dolls or show any real motherly interest, and she doesn't seem to be adjusting to the the new life we will all soon have when little brother arrives as smoothly as we were hoping. So, naturally we've talked a lot about the changes, spent special time together, and really have tried to make her feel involved.

Truth be told, life will be drastically different, our time together will be shared yet again with another person, and my first born will hold so much more responsibility then she already does. But, Giulietta will embrace it & run with it, just the way she did when her sister was born. She'll love him the minute his little eyes look into hers, and when he holds her hand for the first time. I just know it!

Until then, this beautiful moment of her feeling him kick for the first time, and seeing the delight in her smile will forever be imprinted on my heart!

Baby Boy

Friday, April 5, 2013

Bouncing Baby Brother...Monthly Update

Baby Boy
22 Weeks Gestational
Little Guy is growing steadily, has been cleared of genetic disorders, and appears to be just perfect.
He has started kicking up a storm, and Daddy-O has had the pleasure of feeling him several times.
We think we have a name for him chosen, but we prefer to call him Ferrari Corvette for now.
This little man has already been spoiled by so many people, and we are so grateful & excited.

Easter 2013 51 Baby Boy Morad Week 20 5 Baby Boy Morad Week 20 3 Baby Boy Morad Week 20 4

Middle Child Monkey...Monthly Update

Presley Ella
2 Years, 3 Months Old
This little lady is one small peanut who still can fit her cute little tush into a size 18 months or 2T.
She is a LOVER of anything baby related...babies, blankets, bottles, strollers, diapers, clothes.
Presley has started kissing my belly everyday now saying "Awe, my brother! He so cute!"
Girly has embraced school with a smile,  and boy does she have them fooled with her cuteness!

Easter 2013 64 Easter 2013 58 Easter 2013 68 Easter 2013 45 Easter 2013 82
Easter 2013 62
Easter 2013 55

First Born Princess...Monthly Update

The girls are growing so damn fast! I blink and they are taller, smarter, and more beautiful! I try my best to document the growth on our blog through our daily, weekly, and monthly events, but I get behind because life happens. So, I've decided to start doing a monthly update on each one of them to more vividly show their growth, their progress, and to simple state something that strikes me about them in the short four week span, because we all know that one day we won't remember these little moments like we do today! So...here it goes!

Giulietta Elizabeth
4 years, 5 months old
This girl LOVES anything to do with drawing, painting, or making her creative mark on this world. She is hating change these days, and is especially sensitive when it comes to her new shared room.
G is writing all the time, asking how to spell things, and noticing patterns in language & vocabulary.
She takes a special interest in keeping Presley safe, taken care of, and happy!
Easter 2013 86

Easter 2013 59

Easter 2013 85

Easter 2013 66

Easter 2013 87

Easter 2013 67

Easter 2013 89

Thursday, April 4, 2013

The New Suits!!

I've been sewing for about 2 years now, and I've wanted to attempt certain projects (such as a swimsuit)  but I've been a little intimidated! Just recently I've purchased some "special" fabric, looked longingly at it, and finally decided to JUST DO IT! Really, what did I have to lose? First, I made Giulietta a fun one piece which she most definitely LOVED!

Presley in her Bathing Suit 3

Presley in her Bathing Suit 2

Presley in her Bathing Suit 1

 And, today I attempted this little bikini for Presley. After I finished it I ran out into the living room, stripped Presley out of her PJ's, and we did a little photo shoot. My Princess jumped around as I bribed her with candy to stand still, keep her hands at her sides, and smile!

Presley in her Bathing Suit 1 Presley in her Bathing Suit 4 Presley in her Bathing Suit 7

To my surprise, these swimsuits were NOT at all as hard as I had imagined them to be! In fact, I already have more fabric lined up to make my little princesses a few more for the coming Summer! Hopefully, I can get a tutorial together, and add it to the blog real soon. But for now, you'll have to enjoy looking at my little ladies! Happy Thursday!

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Hop Hop HIppity Hop!!

This Easter was filled with lots of Hippity Hopping and bunny basket fun, a yummy breakfast with my first ever attempt at festive deviled eggs, visits with lots of cousins, an Easter egg hunt,  pretty dresses & big brimmed hats, and LOADS of candy!

The girls woke up to Bunny prints, candy filled eggs, and carrots sprawled all over the floors of our home. I was so excited to capture their faces when they witnessed this magic that I literally slept with my camera on my night stand and set my alarm clock so I would make it into the hallway before them. They pointed, touched, giggled and hopped around imitating the bunny that had left his mark in our home the night before. With the magic flowing, the girls followed the prints to our dining room table where they found their bunny baskets overflowing with a few of their favorites as well as a bunch of candy! And, of course I allowed them to dive into the chocolate at 7 AM in the morning! Why not?

The day continued with breakfast around our table that included festive deviled eggs, delicious baked french toast, a crock pot ham, and a few others. Nana & Fafa, Fafa Rick, Uncle Nick, Auntie Laura & Baby Isla joined us as we ate, chatted, & enjoyed each others company. In the early afternoon, we ventured over to Aunt Bonnie's house for an Easter Egg hunt & more chocolate with more cousins! The girls took a quick trip with Nana to Knott's later in the afternoon, and we all ended up back at Nana & Fafa's house in the evening for a little TV watching.

All in all this Easter was amazingly spent with family celebrating love and life. It's becoming more and more real that next year we will have a little man joining our family. And, YES he will be wearing a Pink tie!
Easter 2013 22 (1) Easter 2013 32 (1) Easter 2013 41 Easter 2013 34 (1) Easter 2013 38 (1) Easter 2013 48 Easter Breakfast is served!! #easter #breakfast

My first ever attempt at deviled eggs! I'm pretty sure the Hubster is going to be one happy man in the morning!! #easter #deviledeggs #hubster Easter 2013 60 Easter 2013 61 Easter 2013 84 Easter 2013 63 Easter 2013 65 Easter 2013 73

Egg Dying Party...A Family Tradition Continued

When I was a young child, we would dye Easter Eggs every year with my cousins! The colored tablets would be placed in cups, hard boiled eggs would lie in there cartons, each child would get a spoon, and we all would sit around a table turning the plain white eggs into magical colored ones. Even though this was one afternoon a year, the memories of the time spent with my family have been permanently imprinted on my heart.  So, I have continued this tradition with my own children.

Every year, we have dyed Easter Eggs sitting in our dining room with our "cousins, " the Phee Family! Every year, I invite more and more family & friends to join us, because for me...the more the merrier! This year, the Phees (both Charlie & Alice), as well as the girls new friends, Kate & Vivienne, joined us in our yearly tradition. The kidlets turned their eggs & little fingers brilliant colors, played a little, listened to Nana read them a special Easter story, & indulged on some yummy Spring cupcakes! It was a wonderful afternoon spent with our "cousins" & dear friends continuing a tradition that I hope one day my girls will hold dear to their heart just as I do!

Easter 2013 6 (1) Easter 2013 1 (1) Easter 2013 17 (1) Easter 2013 14 (1) Easter 2013 16 (1) Easter 2013 8 (1) Easter 2013 4 (1)


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