Saturday, May 28, 2011

Swimming With a Smile

As summer is quickly approaching, although the weather
in California wouldn't really yield that information, it was
decided that Giulietta should start swimming lesson.

At first, we signed her up at the Los Al Base, where
she has participated the last two summers in the
"Parent & Me" class. However, with an okay first lesson,
an emerging cold, and the relentless rain & freezing
temperatures here in California the past few weeks, 
we decided to seek out private lessons at an indoor pool. 

This morning Giulietta had her first lesson, and she 
loved it. She practiced kicking, back floating, blowing
bubbles, breathing, and trust with her instructor. I can
already tell that this small amount of time spent (15 minutes)
has greatly increased her independence in the water. It will
be amazing to see her transformation from a fish to a dolphin 
as she continues to learn throughout this summer! 

These few pictures were taken at the Base during her first lesson.

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Cultural Bananas

At first glance one would see a silly 2 year old putting banana's 
on her head. However, a second glance made me think about
how innovative she is and, the idea that if she was reared in a 
primitive culture she would fit in perfectly!

She Says the Darndest Things

People have always told me to write down the cute, funny, ridiculous,
and utterly unbelievable things that my kids say...because, I will forget.

And, I haven't listened! Let's face it, it's impossible to capture every 
moment of your child's life through pictures, video, or paper (blog in
my case). As a parent, I simply do not have the time. And, sadly 
some things that G has said or done over the past two and a half years
 have slipped my mind. It's not that they weren't awesome or amazing, 
 it's just that she has grown way to fast, and continues to surprise us everyday. 

With that being said here a few funny conversations I have had
with my sweet little G in the past few weeks. 

When picking up G from school a few weeks ago, I asked her
what she had done at school that day. Her response was, "I had to go to 
Miss Mandy's office!" I promptly asked her what for, and her response 
was, "some lady was in there!" Again, I questioned her about the lady, 
and she said "She bugged my ears!" I thought for a minute, gave out 
a little chuckle and began explaining to Giulietta that the woman was
only trying to check her hearing! 

Just the other day, G was sitting on the potty, all by herself, which
is still a very rare occasion. Anyway, I am in the other room and I 
hear her say, "I am on the dumper. I am taking a dump on the 
dumper!" If this didn't make me crack up enough, this statement
was followed up with "Ohhh no Mama, we forgot to put the One 
Drop in the toilet!" You see, One Drop is a little bottle of liquid
that you simply drop in the toilet before you do your business
so that there is no smell (And, it REALLY works!) The funny
part is the fact that we have NEVER used one drop with G 
before, but it appears she has been listening to Mommy & Daddy's

A father's lap

It's precious moments like these that remind me 
that my girls have the best daddy around! 

After all, our daughters may outgrow their
father's lap, but they will never outgrow his heart!"

Monday, May 16, 2011

Grease Monkey's??

Car shows have never really been my favorite outings, and God knows
that if I do something I don't like, it means I must love the person
I'm doing it with. That being said, I have spent years attending these
manly events, primarily watching Ryan ooh and aww 
over old and new heaping pieces of metal that were either 
restored or in need of a little TLC. 

The Seal Beach Car Show, was once again another Saturday
morning family outing that involved a couple breakfast burritos,
two little ladies, and a young married couple strolling down
Main Street looking at some real gems. I should mention here, 
that this time, attend the car show was my idea and,
 as you can everyone thoroughly enjoyed the morning. 

Giulietta loved sitting in the real Formula 1 car. In fact, she was
probably trying to figure out how to make the thing GO! Our
girl loves anything fast, as long as it doesn't involve heights.

This truck is just her size. I hope if didn't give Daddy any ideas! 

Ohhhh the noise of a LOUD engine. They were both enthused!

Even though it was hot and sunny, this girl loved people watching 
as well as all the pretty colors on the automobiles. 

What I gathered from this particular show, was not what car
we would probably have added to our Classic collection in the
garage years down the road, but...
that my daughter's (particularly G) loves this type
of event as much as her grease monkey father. 

Perhaps that means that years down the road, this Mama will get to stay at 
home while the girls and daddy venture off to bask in the beauty of 
someones pride and joy. Who am I kidding? We all know,
 I'll be trudging along taking all the pictures, because secretly I 
am a grease monkey too! 

Sunday, May 15, 2011

So upset, but still so cute

Isn't it amazing how one minute she can be
so happy, and then the next be so upset?

And, why is that Presley is so dang cute even
when she is making this face? 


It's not everyday, or even once a week for that matter that 
I dress the girls matching. But, on the days I do, I try to go all out!
Matching dresses, matching bows, and even matching smiles! 

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Monday, May 9, 2011

Fafa and his other girl

It's no secret how much these two enjoy playing with 
each other! 

 Just look at the pure delight on Presley's face as Fafa kisses her. 

And, the excitement in both of their eyes as they play! 

Essence of Mama

Giulietta and Presley are the essence of my life, and the reason why 
being called Mama is amazing!

Mother's day this year was spent eating chocolate chip banana pancakes
made by G and daddy, playing blocks with my girls, treating 
Nana to Mac & Cheese at elbows, and having a wonderful family dinner. 

It's hard to believe that this was my 3rd Mother's Day spent holding G, 
and my 1st cuddling Presley.  Like always, I am reminded of how 
quickly they are growing, and how precious each day is that I spend 
with them. I look forward to the day that I can share Mother's day 
watching them be Mother's to their own children! 


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