Saturday, December 27, 2008


Here are a few more engaging toys that Giulietta received from her 
Grandma & Grandpa Hardy! Thank You for helping me learn! 

Mini Time

Thank you Grandma & Grandpa Goble for my new Mini Cooper;
I promise I won't be a Mario Andretti like my Momma!!  :)

Friday, December 26, 2008


Giulietta absolutely loves to pull on here 
Daddy's beard! 

Quality Time

This is a sample of the quality time that 
we spend with Baby G daily!

Bebe Pod, Bumbo, Whatever!

For Christmas Giulietta received a Bumbo from our friends
Rich, Marci, & Charlie and a Bebe Pod from Grandpa Rick. 
They both do basically the same thing, so we are probably 
only going to keep one. However, as you can see she
 LOVES it because it allows her to sit up and see the world 
how we do. Thank you guys for your generosity!


Since it has been a bit chilly here in California, we
have been dressing Baby G in some warm clothes. I
took these picture this morning because she just looked
too dang cute with this hoodie on! 

Chickie Chick

The first gift we ever received for Giulietta were these
cute little Chick slippers from our friends Marci & Rich!
Giulietta's big feet finally fit  in them last night, 
and they matched her PJ's perfectly! :)

Giulietta's First Christmas

On Christmas morning everyone came to our house to 
eat breakfast and open gifts. Then, Giulietta and I headed
over to Grandma Morad's while Ryan headed off to work. 
Giulietta received many fun and practical gifts, and 
she also got to visit with many of her loved ones! 

As you can see, Grandpa Hardy had a lot of fun playing
with Giulietta and the wrapping paper, Ryan quickly began
 assembling his Lego VW bug and trying on his new jacket, 
Uncle Nick and Aunt Laura made Baby G smile a million times, 
and everyone unwrapped gifts, and took turns holding
 the little darling! 

First Visit With Santa

On Christmas Eve, Giulietta met Santa for the first time at
Knott's Merry (Berry) Farm. This year, no tears were shed in
the process, just a little bit of spit up! 

Monday, December 22, 2008


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