Tuesday, December 17, 2013

She's Three...Happy Birthday Presley Ella

Little Sister turned three today! 

We celebrated her third year with a special trip to Disneyland riding rides, eating cotton candy & brownies, visiting Santa, watching the parade, and just down right spoiling the heck out of our girl! After Disney we ventured to pick out the fullest, greenest, and smelliest Christmas tree in town. Once again, we sang Happy Birthday over dinner and desert, and then headed home for baths, snuggles, and bed. However, no birthday is complete without a little "boo-boo" in our house! Wild Thang ran into a wall, and will most likely wake up with a huge goose egg on her noggin. But, hey! All in all, I say today was a success! 

We spent yesterday celebrating with family, friends, and Cinderella! It was blue, it was magical, and it was PERFECT! I say perfect because, there were huge smiles, loads of laughter, and tears of joy as we celebrated my sweet girl! And, my heart was filled to the brim with all the love shared by those surrounding my little princess, that I never once thought about what could or should have been...or, what was missing! (I'll share more about Presley's Perfectly Blue Ball in another post!)

You see my friends, I've spent Presley's last two birthdays a complete wreck, never truly enjoying the beauty of the moments that I've created. I worked tirelessly, as I always do, to put on the best and most elaborate party for my peanut, to just sabotage my enjoyment with emotions that I couldn't quite keep in check! Presley's birthday hurt, I hurt, and the anxiety and pain wrapped around the day that I celebrated her filled me with so many emotions that I could never quite express or work through! 

However, this year was different! This year was magical! This year I was able to see clearly! And, my heart smiled, really smiled, while celebrating my second born! 

I've grown! We've grown! I'm able to look at the beauty that surrounds me, rather then what beauty I could or should have had..what beauty I was angry before because it was missing! 

Now, I'm able to see that Presley is who she is because of the circumstances that we all have been through. She isn't in fact missing her twin; she has an angel that she carries with her daily! And, instead of dwelling on what we are all missing, I'm now relishing in what we all have! My heart is full, like spilling over the sides full, and for once in past three years I can say that the aching pain I have felt on this day is now a small tingling. And, I owe it to my girl! 

Three years ago today I held my Sweet Girl, Presley Ella, for the very first time. Since that moment, she has filled my heat with so much love, laughter, and beauty. She embraces life like no one I know, living each moment to the fullest with her spunky spirit and skip in her step. She is my second born rock star dancing her way through her one wild and crazy life, and touching everyone she meets along the way. 

She has the sweetest, most thoughtful, and caring nature of any three year old I've ever met. Her soul is truly beautiful! Her smile is infectious! And her laugh..there is nothing quite as genuine as Presley's laugh! My girl loves, really loves life and she lives hers with purpose always beating to her own drummer! She's my snuggler, always preferring my arms over anyone elses. Presley knows her namesake, loves his music, and definitely wears his name well! She's smart, funny, and adventurous! And, I love her! 

Happy 3rd Birthday Sweet Pea! We all LOVE you to pieces, and can't wait to see where this next year takes you! Thank you for being mine, and remember to just keep dancing!  


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