Thursday, November 22, 2012

A Heart Full of Thanks

All day I've been thinking about how I can express my thanks this year to all those whom fully deserve it. You see, it's almost been a year since I had that "Ah Ha" moment that I so desperately needed. That moment that has propelled me this past year to learn, grow, feel, love, and be thankful more. That moment that was changed me physically, mentally, and emotionally. And, now that I think back to the time before the great "Ah Ha," I am sadly reminded of how I failed to show much thanks and appreciation at all. is my second chance, my do-over, my mistakes made right, my thanks spoken.

Pumpkin Patching!! #Pa'spumpkinpatch

First and foremost, I am thankful for my family. The Morad Four pictured above, and the extended Hardy/Morad Family (minus a few), pictured below. These people are the best family members anyone can ask for. When I ask they answer, when I need they help, when I want they give, and when I love they love more. They are my everything, and my life would be so incomplete without each one of them in it.


He is literally a gear head!!! The husband just gave me a look at the inside of the transmission he is rebuilding for his car! Seriously one of the reasons I fell in love with him! ❤ @bad67bug

I am thankful for the hubster! He's my rock. The one who keeps me standing, who challenges me daily, who loves me unconditionally. Its been a mere 13 years together, but each day still feels so new, so fun, so much more then what I had every dreamed. This man completes me, he gets how I work, he understands the idiosyncrasies that others don't, he listens & boy does he have a lot to listen to, he supports everything I put my mind to, and he loves me & the girls more then unconditionally.

Dole Whip with the hubster!!

Feasting with my little turkeys!! #mayflowerpreschool #turkey #feast

I am thankful for being a Momma, and the time I am blessed to spend with my girls. Every minute I get to hold their hands, watch them smile, hear their giggles, and dry their tears is a minute that I embrace, and a minute I would never give up for a job, for more money, for anything! They are my best gift that I can every give, my best job well done, and my best contribution to this world. They are an extension of me, and I'm proud to say that I've done good!

Sliding with my ladybugs!!! #lazysunday #sliding

I never ask her to pose, but she always does! G's definitely my fashionista! #halloween #fashionista

I am thankful for my first born GEM. Giulietta is so sweet, smart, and full of love. She makes me laugh uncontrollably at times with her quirky personality, abnormally large vocabulary, and animated stories. My girl is a lover of peace making, question asking, and independence. G is a great thinker, always contemplating life and its adventures from a distance before jumping in and enjoying it!

Momma was busy again last night making my ladybug a new skirt! Thanks @marciphee for the special "G-like" fabric! #sewing #diy #mywaymomma #skirt

This park....ah!!! #uci

I am thankful for THIS GIRL, the MINI, my second born rock star! Presley exudes so much energy, charm, and spirit. After first glance, anyone can see that her red hair and sparkling blue eyes give away her spitfire personality, but it's not until you REALLY know her that you can truly appreciate her charismatic personality. She is a natural born character always looking to make people around her smile and laugh. As wild, dangerous, and carefree as Presley seems, this girl is without a doubt my little koala who hangs tightly and contently on my hip.

This girl...she's really something special I tell you!! #somethingspecial #presley

Loving up each other in their purple bath! #bathtime #sisters
I am thankful for sisters! This is a bond I have never truly felt, but can only imagine would be amazing to have. Everyday I watch them grow closer together, loving each other for their own uniqueness, and creating a bond that I am sure will never be broken. My heart smiles when I see them interact, share, and love each other the way they do!


Watching Mickey with Uncle Kaka!! #uncle #mickey #disney

I am thankful for my brother...the Uncle Kaka! He is such an amazing man who loves my girls as if they were his own. When they are around him their little faces are the brightest anyone will ever see. He never lets them done, treats them with utmost respect, and thinks about them when he doesn't really have to. He takes his job as "the god-father" with utmost respect, and he plays with them, teaches me, and helps them whenever they ask. He is always around, never missing a thing, and giving them the opportunity to create lifelong memories with him!

Uncle Kaka with his boss! Boy does Presley ❤ this man!!


I am thankful for my girl's forever friends! The friends they are being raised with on a daily basis, the ones they can fight with one minute then snuggle up on the couch with the next, the friends they will experience many of their firsts with throughout their lives, the friends they will turn to when us parents are long gone.

One day, much too soon, this will be really happening @marciphee !!! Yikes!!!

Can't live with her...can't live without her! Story of our lives huh @samanthayork4 ??
I am thankful for my "other girls!" These ladies are my net that have been holding me out of the depths of the water for as long as I can remember. They listen, they laugh, they lecture, they question, they lend a helping hand, they create memories, they give support, and they show love. They have no idea how much every last one of them means to me, how much they have given me, and how much I truly appreciate them. I look forward to the time when we all are old & gray reminiscing about the good ole' days that we are experiencing now!

My other girls...seriously couldn't get through life without these 3! I'm so lucky to have them! @marciphee @jennhenn322 @yotheyoster

It's Momma's Day!!! Roadtripping to San Diego, a little shopping in between, meeting up with some of my favorite friends, and a book signing by an amazing woman ( @etst ) ! Here's to a fabulous day!! Whoop!! #enjoyingthesmallthings #sandiego #roadtrip

And...I'm thankful for ME! Does that sound too self centered? Oh well, it's the honest truth. I really am thankful to be ME again. For so long I was being the me that I saw in other peoples eyes, the one that I thought they needed me to be, when in fact that me wasn't really ME at all. I have worked hard at becoming the ME i have always thought myself to be and now that I'm here, my heart is smiling big!

Date night with my girls to see Twilight!! Woohoo!! @marciphee @yotheyoster @jennhenn322 #twilight #datenight #girlsnightout

And...I'm Thankful for YOU! The one who may or may not have been mentioned, the one who is taking the time & interest in my life, my family, my world!

Happy Thanksgiving!


Thursday, November 1, 2012

Getting their Treat on!!

This year the girls dressed as the classic Disney couple...Mickey & Minnie!

Halloween-Trick or Treating October 2012 4

Halloween-Trick or Treating October 2012 15

Halloween-Trick or Treating October 2012 11

Halloween-Trick or Treating October 2012 18

Halloween-Trick or Treating October 2012 20

We started our trick-or-treating with a neighborhood/family pizza party. Pizza was quickly gobbled, costumes were thrown on, and kids sat quickly and patiently while I tried as hard as I could to take their pictures. What started with one little cat 5 Halloween's ago has now turned into an entire gang! Like every Halloween, since G's second, we had the pleasure of the Phee's joining us with Charlie as Batman & Alice as a yard gnome, in our neighborhood quest for the most candy. And, our new neighbor across the street, Ryan. joined in the fun with a little Moo Moo here & a Moo Moo there as a cute cow.

Halloween-Trick or Treating October 2012 5

Halloween-Trick or Treating October 2012 21

Halloween-Trick or Treating October 2012 24

The kids walked, they ran, and they sure as heck trick-or-treated our neighborhood clean of candy. All five came home with their buckets filled to the brim with the finest bite size chocolate bars and tired feet!


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