Thursday, August 8, 2013

Holden's Garage...A Vintage Nursery

I'll never forget the excitement sprawled across the Hubster's face when the ultrasound tech told us she was 99% positive our Baby #3 was a Boy! The hubster was giddy with emotion, the wheels inside of him were turning, and I knew that great plans for a boys nursery were being made at that very moment.

You see, we go a bit overboard when it comes to our little's nursery's and bedrooms! We theme it up, decorate with style and perfection, and create a welcoming space for our newest addition or growing kidlet. For Giulietta's Nursery I had to have the pinkest Winnie the Pooh nursery around. I searched high & low for the perfect bedding that fit my style, and Ryan appeased me every step of the way with pink, pink, and more pink. For Presley's welcoming space we went with the Jungle Room theme. I really wanted different types of animal prints like the true Elvis Jungle Room, however Ryan wanted something a little more kid like, so we agreed upon a cartoonish girlish jungle room theme with the brightest Orange & Purple Walls we could tolerate. And, interestingly enough, both rooms totally fit my little ladies personalities to the tee.

When their rooms were done, I remember sitting in the glider looking around, loving their space, never wanting to leave that chair or moment, and yearning to hold them in my arms at that very second. And, when we finally arrived home from the hospital, it felt so special to bring them into their nursery for the first time and lay them in their cribs. With them home safe, the nursery finally felt complete and perfect.

So, even though Ryan had enjoyed creating the spaces for both our girls, I knew that the feelings and emotions I got from all the pink, foo-foo, and frillies were not the same as his. I knew that finally he too would get that same feeling of overwhelmingly excitement when sitting in his son's completed nursery no matter what theme we chose. And, he did!  On one late night when Holden's Garage was almost complete, my sweet husband turned to me and said, "I wish I could sleep in here!" At that very moment, my heart smiled for him.

Without further ado, let me introduce Holden's Garage!

Holden's Garage Nursery 7-25-13 2 Holden's Garage Nursery 7-25-13 18 Holden's Garage Nursery 7-25-13 33

Holden's Nursery is Vintage Garage Themed. Everything in it screams cars, boys, garages, tools, and vintage! Three of the walls in Holden's Garage are dark gray on bottom and light gray on top with a red strip running around the middle, while the fourth is covered by a corrugated steel. Attached to the steel are two "shop" looking lights, which we were lucky to pick up at Lowe's with all the rest of the room essentials. Ryan painted the white dresser and changing table red, added Snap-On Emblems and handles, and working Castor Wheels to the bottom of each in order to transform them into a matching tool box and tool cart set. The crib and glider that were once white got a new black finish in order to fit into the garage theme, and the diaper genie got a fresh red coat and a Sinclair Logo to make it look like a rag can.

Holden's Garage Nursery 7-25-13 40 Holden's Garage Nursery 7-25-13 35 Holden's Garage Nursery 7-25-13 31

I sewed up the red bumpers using broadcloth and the Baby Bumper Pads from Nu-Foam, made a matching sheet and changing pad cover out of car fabric I picked up at Joann's, and covered the padding on the glider with the same red broadcloth that I used for the bumpers! We purchased "new" vintage signs to decorate the walls of the room from Hobby Lobby of all places. Of course, actual vintage signs were of preference, but boy are those suckers expensive and WAY out of our budget.

Holden's Garage Nursery 7-25-13 24 Holden's Garage Nursery 7-25-13 30 Holden's Garage Nursery 7-25-13 16

Ryan installed the baby monitor way up on the ceiling in order to be able to see the entire crib, he hung VW hub caps that he found in our garage, and made the VW service sign. We went antiquing and picked up some vintage oil cans and a 76 gas can to set on the top of his dresser.

Holden's Garage Nursery 7-25-13 9 Holden's Garage Nursery 7-25-13 44
Holden's Garage Nursery 7-25-13 27

And, of course Holden's Garage would not have been complete without his very own Vintage Gas Pump. The Daddy-O searched high & low for the best deal around, and he found it in a sweet old mans garage. As much hassle as I gave the hubster for this BIG purchase, it truly was the perfect addition to Holden's Garage, and a new family heirloom that will hopefully be passed down from one Morad man to another.

Holden's Garage Nursery 7-25-13 26 Holden's Garage Nursery 7-25-13 14 Holden's Garage Nursery 7-25-13 19

All in all, Holden's Garage is the perfect representation of a Garage inside a house. Ryan was so concerned that it wasn't "baby" enough, but I think it fitting for both my boys, and it makes me smile each time I walk into the room!


  1. Could you tell what paint colors you used??

  2. This is the coolest nursery I have ever seen! Me and my wife are wanting to do similar things to our sons nursery. We love your snap on tool box dresser and changing table, and how you put the coragated tin on the wall. I am just in love with the whole room!

    1. Thanks Justin!! My husband LOVES cars, tools, and his garage! And, he is a mechanic by trade! So, when we found out we were having a son, after having our two daughters, we knew we had to go over the top for him! I hope one day he will appreciate it just as much as other people do! ;) Good luck with your sons nursery! I'd love to see pictures of it when you are finished! :) And, if you want any tidbits of help as to where we bought stuff, I'd be happy to share!

  3. Where did you find the SnapOn emblems? and the drawer pulls? I LOVE your nursery! My husband and I are expecting a little boy in March (our first baby) and we are doing a vintage car/garage theme for his room too!

  4. What paint colors did you use??

  5. Can you post the paint colors please? thanks


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