Thursday, April 30, 2009

Tongue Fascination

Giulietta has now found that she can stick her tongue out.
I'm not sure if she does this on purpose or because she 
wants to feel her new tooth. But, it is cute!! 

Growing Tooth

I know it is hard to see, but there is a sharp little tooth
on her bottom gums. She is very proud of it. More must
be coming in because she is constantly chewing on everything!

Cute Faces

Cute, Funny Faces!!

My Monkey & Me

This is our new fancy Ergo Carrier that our friends, The Phee's, so
graciously gave me for my Birthday. I can wear Giulietta on the front, 
back, or side.  They say it can hold a child comfortably until they are
about 40 lbs. So, I will get back to you on that one. 

So far Giulietta loves riding in the back. She pulls my hair & scratches 
my neck while laughing! :)

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Tooth Alert

Giulietta has finally broken a tooth, and a sharp one
at that I might add! She was just trying to teeth on
my fingers like usual, when much to my surprise, I 
felt a sharp little pinch! 

Sorry there are no pictures, it has just barely broken
through the skin! But, we just wanted to share! :)

Big Girl Car Seat

Giulietta now has her very own Big Girl Car Seat in both
Mommy & Daddy's cars. We have sadly said goodbye to 
the infant carrier and packed the cute Leopard print seat
away in the closet.

In Ryan's truck Giulietta has a very nice and cozy black 
and gray seat, which matches very nicely.  In my car,
Giulietta and I have been spoiled by Grandpa Rick with
this beautiful new Britax car seat.  Not only does this
seat fit Giulietta perfectly, but it allows the passengers
in my car almost double the amount of leg room from before
and it makes it easier for me to exit Giulietta from the hatch!
Thank You so much Grandpa Rick for Mommy's Birthday
present; We all love it!!

Babies First VW

Yes, friends & family this is Giulietta's FIRST VW. 
I am surethere are more in store for her as she grows and starts 
learning how to drive, on the road that is. She now knows how to drive
on the side walk; see her hands are on the wheel!
Ryan is a very proud Papa!! 

My New Bear

Giulietta absolutely loves her new bear from Aunt Bonnie
and Uncle Tom! She carries it with her and enjoys biting
it's hands and feet! 

Sippy Cup

Giulietta is now using a sippy cup that has a little bit of
apple juice and water in it.  She has been doing a very 
a very good job at drinking through it! 

Video of Giulietta getting excited over her sippy cup!

New Shoes

Giulietta loves he new shoes. They are little pink & white 
checkered VANS! I will post the side view soon! 

Oh yeah, she loves being all snuggled up in Daddy's arms!

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Watch Me Try

Here is Giulietta once again trying her best at crawling. 
We think it will probably be a few more weeks, but we 
have already started baby proofing by removing the
coffee table out of the living room! :)


These videos will show you Giulietta's new

Babies First Easter

Giulietta on her first Easter Day visiting
with her family!!

Eating On The Run

Feeding G in Burger King while coming home 
from Wyoming! 

Easter Egg Hunt

Giulietta and I went to my mom's work to join in the on 
the Colored Spring Egg Hunt (Easter Egg Hunt). Giulietta
wore one of her cute little dresses & had a great time 
sucking on the eggs. We saved the candy for Daddy! :)

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

On her Knee's

Giulietta is getting ready to crawl!!

Visit with more Cousins

On our way home from Wyoming we stopped in Vegas to
visit our Cousin's Celena, Eric, Madelyn, Eryk, & Ethan.
Giulietta had a wonderful time!!

Giulietta with Big Eric & Ethan

Giulietta & Miss Maddy

Celena & her Baby Cousin Giulietta

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Snow Angel

Giulietta experienced snow for the first time while

we were in Wyoming! Even though the pictures might 

say otherwise, she did really enjoy it! :)

Off to Grandma's We Go

Giulietta thoroughly enjoyed her visit with Grandma & Grandpa
Goble!! Here are some pictures of all the fun stuff she did! 

Taking Pictures

Feeding the Horses Treats

Looking at the Ducks


Napping on Grandma

Visiting with Uncle Todd

Snuggling up to go outside

Riding in the car



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