Friday, February 25, 2011

Presley's smile... intoxicating! 

A little Bumbo Time

Helps Presley sit up strong!!

But, when she is tired...she gets lazy!!

A Corn-dog & her Daddy

Equals the best picnic in the park!!

Sweet Surrender

Rocking Presley to sleep starts like this!

Continues like this!

And, ends like this!

Lip Curl

Presley has her curl lip smile down, just like Elvis! 


Is what Giulietta does best! 

I don't know why I LOVE this picture, but I do! I think
it shows her personality well (and her need to have
her bangs cut). 

Sweet, young, sassy, funny, and beautiful! 

2 Months Already

It's hard to believe that our little Sweet Pea is 
already 2 months old. And, boy what a 2 months
it has been.

From birth, to home, to hospital, back to home again! 
She's definitely a tough little lady. At her 2 month
check up she weighed in at 11 lbs. 13 oz & was 22 3/4 inches. 
The doctor says she is growing strong and reaching all
her mile-stones!  

As we sat at the doctor's office and waited for the nurse to give
her the dreadful shots (3 shots, one oral vaccination), Presley
giggled for the very first time. And, it totally melted our hearts! 

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

It's not my...


This is exactly what Giulietta told us
when we were taking these pictures.

We requested that she hold up Presley,
and not let her fall. 
 She looked at us like this,
 and tried to do what we asked as she
yelled "Sister is falling!" & "It
is not my responsibility!"
 Your so right Giulietta! It is not your 
responsibility, and never will be. You
are so sweet and so young, really still
a baby yourself. We have made you grow
up before your time, and I am sorry, but
 happy all at the same time. One day you will
read this, probably when you have your
own children, and understand why 
you are so independent and dependable.
Even though, taking care of sister is not
your responsibility, you will always do the
job and LOVE it! 

Her First Valentine's Day

 Presley was showing her love for everyone
by smiling away,

and lounging around! 

Cupid's Arrow

Shot straight through our hearts with 
our two girls! 

Happy Valentine's Day!!

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Read this one Daddy

The girls bedtime routine is no doubt my favorite part
of the day. I love getting them all clean, warm, and ready
to dream sweetly. Almost every night Giulietta requests
us to read a book. And, for about a week straight it was
this book about a little girl who was going to be in a
I think we all have it memorized by now!!

Six Weeks and Smiling

It's official!! Presley looked at me and smiled on her
six week birthday. Such a proud and exciting moment.
Now, we can't wait to see her smiles everyday
of the week! :)

A smile, maybe?

Before Presley was officially smiling on her own, daddy would try his
hardest to get her to smile by blowing air slowly in her face.

And, they finally meet!!

 It took Great Grandma Morad a few weeks to 
get over to meet baby Presley, however it
was love at first sight.
Great Grandma calmed her,

snuggled with her, 

and took some pictures with her as well! 

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

My Poor Baby

I am sitting in the makeshift RSV NICU at Miller Children's Hospital. My poor 7 week old Presley has been suffering from what we thought was a cold for the past three days, that her big sister Giulietta kindly shared with her. After spending last night with her next to me in bed breathing erratically, I decided it was time to take her to Urgent Care. 
At Urgent Care, they promptly took her vitals, and did a breathing treatment. The doctor informed me that my little Sweet Pea had more then just a common cold, and would need to be seen by the hospital. He called ahead, wrote some orders, and sent us on our way. However, his diligence did not help the long drawn out process of getting our sweet little lady seen by a doctor. 

Once at the hospital, Presley was triaged by the staff and strapped down on a table for a few X-rays. Then, they placed us into a waiting room, which they wouldn't allow my husband into even though I asked for him. Presley and I waited, and waited, and waited as we watched other more alert and healthier babies be taken in. When I finally got up to inquire about when my lethargic, hacking, and unsteadily breathing baby would be seen, I saw that our name was no longer on the board. As soon as I processed that we were being forgotten, the flood gates opened and my blood began to boil. How could they forget my precious baby? 

I demanded to have my husband with me (after all, he is my rock), and I demanded to have my baby seen NOW! They obliged. We were placed in a bed in the ER, and the nurses began the work. The doctor came in after a while and told us that Presley had RSV and would be admitted into the hospital for a little stay. 
All we needed to do was wait for a bed upstairs. Seeing how the hospital is packed with sick little babies, we had more waiting in store for us. The doctor from upstairs came down, thoroughly checked out Presley, and explained the details of RSV and her treatment. You see, RSV is Respiratory Syncytial Virus. It appears as a common cold, but can quickly turn into pneumonia like symptoms. If you are interested in learning more about RSV, read about it here: 
In Presley's case, she has a severe cough, vomiting, low oxygen level, low grade temperature, and lethargy. If RSV isn't enough for our poor love to have, she also appears to have a double ear infection. 
Immediately after Presley's doctor left, she received her first breathing treatment, which left her breathing with ease. 
After a few hours of waiting for a room, and Presley receiving two breathing treatments in addition to her antibiotics, she is now resting peacefully.
Today has been a tiring, and heartbreaking day. No mother wants to see their child sick. No mother wants to watch an X-ray tech strap her babies legs together on a table. No mother wants to watch a nurse poke around in her babies tiny hand to find a vein. No mother wants to be where I am sitting at this present moment!

However, with the excellent care here at Miller Children's Hospital, Presley will be back to her smiling self in no time at all. And, I will be able to sit at home cuddling on the couch worry-free with my girls and their Daddy! 

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Ho, Ho, Ho!!

Merry Christmas

Christmas Cuties

Our little ladies on Christmas Eve! 

Rudolph the Baby Nose Reindeer

As always, I am weeks behind on my blog entries. However, there
 are many pictures and notes that cannot go un-posted! 

Christmas was fantastic with our two girls. Giulietta
enjoyed the magic of the season eagerly awaiting for
Santa to arrive, while Presley spent the time sleeping
and looking cute in her warm reindeer outfit from
Great-Grandma Carol. 


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