Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Being Absent while you're Really Present

Sometimes I'm absent while I'm really present! 

I know that sounds strange, but it's the truth.  I'm in the same room as my children, but I'm not really there. I am that Mom who is too busy on my phone checking out what the rest of the world is doing, or I'm having a conversation with another person, or I'm reading a paper that came home from school or in the mail, or I'm in deep thought about the stresses that life throws at me, or I'm working on one of my may projects that I take on, or I'm simply just ignoring them because sometimes that's what I have to do to keep myself sane! Whatever it may be, nothing, and I repeat NOTHING is more important then the three little gifts that God gave me. 

Therefore, after a week from hell with too much juggling and not enough loving, I reflected on my actions and I vowed to change a cycle that was quickly turning into a nasty habit. 

So, today after school we went to the Aquarium. I stood back as they explored the beauty of the sea. I listened to their ooh's and aah's, I traveled at their pace, I answered questions even if it took me reading the entire wall of statistics, and I took time to explore an area that we've passed so many times without even realizing it. And, today taught me that being PRESENT is where I want to be. I know that every day can't be like today, that there will be times that I have to be absent while present to multi-task and get the job done, but at least I can try and make those times few and far between. 

I can give my undivided self to my children most of the time, because after all they deserve it ALL the time! 


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