Friday, May 18, 2012

The Perfect Pair of Girls

As I sit here thinking about my special Mom day with my ladies I keep asking myself...what does it mean to be a mother? For some it might simply be the dictionary definition of a mother "a woman who has raised a child, given birth to a child, and/or supplied the body for which a child grew." And, as beautiful as that sounds, for me being a Mother means so much more. It means loving smiles, energetic giggles, lots of running, unnecessary jumping, tender kisses, sweet hugs, dancing in the dining room, trips to the park, bubble baths, cuddles under the covers, books being read, princesses being played, dresses being made, and memories being created.

I know that to many people out there I make this Motherhood job look so easy. But, truth be told, it is really the hardest damn job around. As a Mom I am always on, I never have a day off, and I am constantly thinking about one or both of my little ladies whether or not I have them clung to my side. However, it is without a doubt the best, most rewarding, and ultimately satisfying job. My two beauties have shown me how to unconditionally love, how to accept those things we can't quite control, how to enjoy the small things, how to giggle until my side hurts, and how to make my heart smile.

These sisters are exactly what I wanted, what I needed, what makes me...ME! They are both so different, unique, special, and perfect all wrapped up into one. With each giggle, crack of a smile, and whimper my heart breaks a little knowing that I can't keep them young forever.

Mother's Day May 2012 16

Mother's Day May 2012 17

Mother's Day May 2012 14

Mother's Day May 2012 13

Mother's Day May 2012 11

Giulietta is 3 years and 7 months young, and most definitely wise beyond her age. She's intelligent, inquisitive, respectful, sensitive, and beautiful. Her heart is filled with love, honesty, and charisma. She aims to please, but also enjoys testing the imaginary bright yellow line we have placed all around her. My little GEM is a thinker, always concentrating on those big wheels turning inside of her. I've taught her to yearn for being on the go, and her nightly question is always "Where are we going tomorrow?" Her inner and outer beauty not only mesmerize her friends and family, but it stops strangers in their tracks and bequeaths them to look, listen, and smile.

Mother's Day May 2012 9

Mother's Day May 2012 8

Mother's Day May 2012 7

My little Sweet Pea is 1 month shy of being a year and half old. She exudes so much personality in one small tiny body, which makes me think she truly carries her twin with her. We call her tornado because she is always on the go, into everything, and just doesn't stop. Her heart is truly warm, and she does have a sensitive bone in her body although her spitfire charisma comes out with a little hair pulling. This little koala is a clinger, attached to her Momma A LOT, and in need of a few more snuggles then her big sister. Presley surely is a perfect name for my little lady. Little sister digs music like no other, she dances, head bangs, claps, and conducts whenever she hears a note being played.

Mother's Day May 2012 6

Mother's Day May 2012 5

Mother's Day May 2012 4

I am one proud Momma who couldn't ask for a more perfect pair of girls. So alike, yet so different. It's amazing to watch them learn, grow, and make their own way through this fun we call life. I know these two will only make my heart swell more and more as the years slip by much too quickly. At this time, my wishes for my little ladies is that they remember to never grow up, to stay true to who they are, to grab life and run with it, to find contentment, because I know I have done all of these thanks to them!


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