Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Treat of the Week...Coney Fruitiness

I'm not really one who craves sweets, chocolates, or even big bowls of ice cream. As much as I enjoy
those fine desserts, I would rather indulge in a greasy bag of crispy french fries or an overloaded and
cheese oozing grilled cheese sandwich. However, none of the items listed above are all that weight
watcher friendly. Sure you can splurge and have them every now and then, and that's fun, rewarding,
and exciting. And, the truth of the matter is that every now and then is NOT every night or even once a

So, when I went searching my cupboards last night for something slightly sweet and different to indulge in with a low points plus value, I came up with what I now call The Coney Fruitiness!

Fruit Cone Dessert MWM Blog Feb 2012 5

Much to my surprise, a regular sized sugar cone (Market Pantry from Target is the one I used) is one points plus value. When I saw this, I was excited and intrigued. What could I add to my cone, instead
of some sherbet that would curb my sweet tooth, change things up a bit, and use as few points plus as possible?

Fruit Cone Dessert MWM Blog Feb 2012 4

Then it hit me! A crunchy cone filled with a tad bit of fruit (strawberries  and bananas) sounded utterly delicious. And...all for just one points plus value. But, that was too cheap, and I had some room to add more.

Fruit Cone Dessert MWM Blog Feb 2012 3

So, I preceded to heat up a little bit of Nutella (1 teaspoon) and spread it on the inside of the cone. This little tad gave just enough of the chocolaty taste I was craving, and only cost me one more points plus value.  Now up to two points, I once again decided to take it one step further by drizzling a little bit (1 tablespoon) of Hershey's Carmel Syrup on top of the entire treat.

Fruit Cone Dessert MWM Blog Feb 2012 1

The Coney Fruitiness looked amazing, tasted amazing, and only cost me 3 points plus values. As much as I enjoy the Weight Watchers 3 point snacks, I do believe this treat took me longer to eat, was more filling, and definitely more tasty. The best part is that I can have it again tonight and not feel like I'm cheating!

What treats or snacks do you indulge in on a daily basis? Please do share!

Nutritional Breakdown for The Coney Fruitiness:
Market Pantry Sugar Cone- F(0) C(12) F(0) P(1)
Nutella (1 teaspoon) - F(2) C(4) F(1) P(1)
Carmel (1 tablespoon) - F(0) C(13) F(0) P(0)

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Week ????...I'm still here!

Dear Mr. Weight Watchers,

I'm still here! I know it's been quite a long time, and I apology for my absence. Truth be told, my
weight loss journey has been slower then expected. It's been tougher then I had imagined it would
be. The weight has slowly slipped off, but it has been surprisingly more difficult then before. Perhaps
it's because life has happened, and my mind has been pre-occupied, or maybe because my heart just
hasn't been in the game. I can go on and on with reasons as to why I haven't been focused, dedicated,
tracking, and honest to myself, but none of those little tidbits really matter because, I'm still here!

And...I'm down 20.4 pounds.

I'm down 20.4 lbs this week! Getting closer & closer to the new me! In-N-out here I come! :)

Since my meeting leader challenged me to track the week of the superbowl, and much to my
surprise I lost 3 pounds that week, I've relentlessly continued. Right after I put anything into my
mouth, I pick up my iPhone and record it. And, I mean ANYTHING...any little taste, bite, crumb,
snack, meal or drink gets recorded. It has helped keep me accountable during the week, helped me
make a better choice before it's too late, and helped me think about what I'm choosing to consume.
In fact, I've found myself putting an item down after raising it to my mouth to take a bite, looking up
points plus values before I decide to eat something instead of after, and asking for a box when I go
out to eat that way I can box the leftovers before they become a temptation.

And...I'm now losing faster and easier!

Only I can control me!

This past weeks meeting really brought out the Psych major in me, because it made me think about
how food, weight loss, and other details in life tended to control me. However, the new me, or the
new me that is in the making is starting to control each one of these aspects more and more each day.
The lighter, more concentrated and determined me is taking my weight loss journey and my life by control. I'm starting to reframe the way I see eating, losing weight, and walking this path of life.

And...I'm starting to really believe that only I can control me!

Thinking differently #weightwatchers

Here's to another great week with ME in control. I have my 10% goal in sight, and nothing is going
to stop me now!

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Weekly Round-Up

It's that time again to round up our week. It was a good one filled with healthier girls, lots of park play, and time spent together as a family. We hope you enjoyed yours just as much as we did ours!!

Weekly Round-Up 2 Feb 19-25

Friday, February 24, 2012

The Cloth Booty

I've often thought about switching from plastic store bought diapers to cute patterned
cloth diapers, but it always seemed a bit too intimidating, and a bit too much work. Boy,
was I mistaken. I am very grateful to one of my awesome mommy friends who
explained to me how cloth diapering works, and then graciously allowed me to borrow
many of the diapers in her personal collection. You see...buying or making cloth diapers
becomes an obsession. Not only is cloth diapering fun because I am making my own for
my little koala bear, but its less expensive, better for the environment, and totally easy!

Plus..theres no denying that this little cloth booty is the cutest thing around!

Cloth Diaper Booty Feb 2012 10

Cloth Diaper Booty Feb 2012 9

2012-02-09 at 04-40-01

2012-02-09 at 04-39-00

Cloth Diaper Booty Feb 2012 8

Cloth Diaper Booty Feb 2012 12

Thursday, February 23, 2012

The Park

I've been soaking up the girls lately. It's not that I don't always try to soak them
up, but it just feels like time is flying by way to fast. They are growing taller, smarter,
and more beautiful too quickly right before my eyes and as much as I love seeing them
blossom, I also tear up thinking about how fast it's all happening. So, I've been trying
to sit back and watch them more, instead of trying to micro-manage their existence.

I've let them stand on benches even though my heart beats crazily out of my chest.
Girls in the Park Feb 2012 14

I've caught glimpses of them just thinking, pondering, wondering.
Girls in the Park Feb 2012 18

I've allowed them to explore and learn more freely without me right by their sides.
Girls in the Park Feb 2012 2

I've indulged them with playing pretend and making them feel like it was real.
Girls in the Park Feb 2012 17

I've stood back at a distance and watched them grow more independent.
Girls in the Park Feb 2012 9

And, I've noticed my heart smiling more and more as I've watched these two sisters
become truly inseparable and loving best friends.
Girls in the Park Feb 2012 8

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Popsicle, Sherbet and Swing

Today was another one of those warm and sunny SoCal winter days. After nap/quiet
time the girls and I took a long leisurely walk soaking up the heat while feeling the cool
breeze blow our loose hairs against our cheeks. It was quiet, peaceful, absolutely wonderful.

Popsicle, Ice-cream & Swing Feb 2012 6
Popsicle, Ice-cream & Swing Feb 2012 5

When we returned home they requested ice cream & Popsicles. So, of course I
obliged and sat back watching them indulge in their sweet snacks swinging together.

Popsicle, Ice-cream & Swing Feb 2012 4

Popsicle, Ice-cream & Swing Feb 2012 3

It's not often that they sit, just the two of them, side by side soaking up each others
company. Usually there is some hair pulling, toy taking, or running off.

Popsicle, Ice-cream & Swing Feb 2012 2

Popsicle, Ice-cream & Swing Feb 2012 1

But, today they made my heart melt once again as I watched my girls simply sitting
and enjoying being sisters. As I closed my eyes for one second, I imagined them
grown, old, doing the same thing and at that very moment my heart smiled!

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Table Sitting with Little Miss Evil Knievel Jr.

Presley is a rebel, a true dare-devil who tries to defy odds, boundaries, and rules.
And...she is only one years old.

Cloth Diaper Booty Feb 2012 6

Cloth Diaper Booty Feb 2012 3

Cloth Diaper Booty Feb 2012 2

Her newest trick, if that's what you want to call it, is climbing tables. Believe me,
I don't think it's safe, I'm not happy she does it, but I am still compeled to take her
picture while she is a top because it's an accomplishment right?

Girls in the Park Feb 2012 15

Girls in the Park Feb 2012 12

Girls in the Park Feb 2012 13

At least this Little Miss Evil Knievel Jr. thinks it is!

Monday, February 20, 2012

Around and Around She Goes

I've been taking the girls to a different park lately in order to switch things up, or
maybe it's just because we were in the area. Regardless, new parks offer new excitement.

Like always, Giulietta is quick to find the new excitement. She's not my dare-devil
by any means, in fact we basically have to beg her to go on rides at amusement parks.
However, when it comes to the equipment at parks she is all over it, never second
guessing herself. At this park they have a seat that appears to be tilted at just the right
angle so that when you sit on it, it spins and spins and spins.

You cannot keep Giulietta off of this thing. She squeals with laughter and delight
while she is on it, flies off fast and hard like a bull rider on its beast, and then walks
around like a drunkin' sailor who can't quite keep her balance. Who knew something
so simple, could be so enjoyable!

spinning thing at park

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Weekly Round-Up

I try to carry my big ole' camera everywhere we go that way I don't ever miss
a shot of these growing girls. However, it just doesn't happens and it's okay
because I always have my phone with me. Most of the time I take these shots
and try to sneak a minute to upload them to Facebook, but it doesn't alway happen.
So, my next thought is to put them in a collage at the end of the week to post, but
I have never gotten around to that either.

This week, all that changed when Marce introduced me to Instagram. As you
can see from below, I went just a little Instagram happy! The App is quick, easy,
painless, and fun. I even found time to make a collage of our week and I plan to
make this a weekly habit! Hope you enjoy!

Instagram 2/12-2/18 2012

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Put a little Sea in your World

Today was our last day using our passes to Sea World, which we've had for two years! We've come a few times, but today the magic of the sea was more present then ever through the eyes of my girls!

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Fish and Friends

The Aquarium of the Pacific is a place that I can take the girls over and over
again and it never seems to loose its "cool" factor. They are so excited to
walk from tank to tank oohing and ahhing over the magical movements of the
underwater animals, and once outside they brave up the courage to try and touch
them. We are very thankful that Fafa Rick bought us this membership, because we
certainly have enjoyed it thoroughly this past year.

On this visit to the Aquarium, Giulietta was in good company with her new bestie
Abbie, and her old bestie Charlie, as well as her tag-a-long sister! The kids looked,
touched, climbed, chased, and watched.
Aquarium of the Pacific Feb 2012 36

Aquarium of the Pacific Feb 2012 32

Aquarium of the Pacific Feb 2012 23

Aquarium of the Pacific Feb 2012 30

Aquarium of the Pacific Feb 2012 33

Aquarium of the Pacific Feb 2012 41

Aquarium of the Pacific Feb 2012 16

Friday, February 10, 2012

This girl

Giulietta amazes me daily.
She's beautiful, compassionate, and intelligent.

Last night when I inquired about a self-portrait she painted at school she informed me that she made her head shaped like an oval, her eyes like circles, her nose like a triangle & her mouth like a half moon.

I was soooo impressed and thankful for what she is soaking up from school, home, and our everyday outings.

Boy, am I counting down the days until I get to feast my eyes on her masterpiece.

First Knott's Visit of 2012 13

Thursday, February 9, 2012

79 degrees in winter

When it's 79 degrees on a Winter day, us girls think it's the perfect time to enjoy a little Yogurtland!


This morning at breakfast Pella was getting a little bit restless! So, I decided to throw some Cheerios at her in order to help her pass the time!

I know exactly what you're thinking! "Katie would be pissed if anyone else was teaching her kids how to throw food!" And, you're right, i would be! But...I'm the Momma, Presley's giggles were ridiculously cute, and I managed to get a Cheerio to stick to her head!

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Her first high speed ride

Presley has been going to theme parks since before she was born. She's been on the train more times then I can count, jumped in the inflatable bouncer with kids three or four times her size, and enjoyed the sounds, colors and movement of the easy going rides at Disneyland.

I figured with her 14 month birthday quickly approaching, it was about time she went on her first high speed ride. So, while at Knott's on Sunday we gave it try. Presley stood in line patiently with her older sister, walked up to her little race car and climbed in with me to follow, and looked nervously around once our seal belts were fastened. Once the ride started her face was beaming with a huge smile, and her giggles were uncontrollable. I think the Peanut's Race Cars at Knott's are going to be a must ride with both the girls from now on.

First Knott's Visit of 2012 6

First Knott's Visit of 2012 5

First Knott's Visit of 2012 4

First Knott's Visit of 2012 7


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