Sunday, November 20, 2011

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Thursday, November 17, 2011

Sharing the Momma

Having two is hard; I'm not going to lie. Hard for me to coordinate schedules, hard for me to do double duty, hard for me to keep up with everything. But, I think it is harder on this little girl. Her life of being an only child changed almost a year ago now, but it has only been the last few weeks that I have seen the impact the past months have taken on her, and ultimately on our growing family. 

Having a sister has given Giulietta the opportunity to grow up faster then she might have wanted to. It has given her the opportunity to share her parents in a way that she probably never thought she would have to. It has given her the challenge of learning how to know better even though most 3 year olds don't. And, it has given her the chance to foster a lifetime relationship with her sister who will hopefully one day be her best friend. 

As I look at this picture I can't help but smile. Giulietta's messy ponytail, her prominent dimples, and her overly confident attitude make me my heart swell with pride to call her my first born, and my tears water with amazement at how fast she is growing. 

Out Back

Too often then not, the girls and I are on the go. We can be found here, there, and everywhere. It's fun, it's engaging, but it's tiring. Sometimes, we all need time to just take some time for a little rest and relaxation. 

So, after some hustling & bustling last Friday morning, the girls and I retreated to the backyard and spent some time playing on the play set, picking some flowers, and enjoying the warm fall breeze blow through our hair. As I laid on the backyard swing gently rocking back and forth, enjoying snapping shots of the girls in their element, I was reminded of how they change quicker then the California seasons and how one day these relaxing moments will be mere memories of the past! 

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

This Photography Thing & Baby Love

So...I should start by saying that I'm not a professional photography by any means. In fact, the majority of the pictures I snap are not fit for anyones viewing but my own. However, I have developed a passion for capturing memories, my memories in particular, through a lens. Truth be told, as human beings we can't possibly mentally recall every detail from all the special moments, tender interactions, or funny happenings that we have had throughout our lifetime. Thus, we document our memories with a camera, a digital file, a print.

For that reason, I lug my camera with me almost everywhere I go. I position myself in awkward poses, and annoyingly beg my girls to cooperate with me so that I can forever remember, forever ingrain the memory of the moment into my lens. I sit in front my computer editing photos until my eyes blur the colors on the screen, and pictures appear too good to be true. Then, I blog. All this so one day I can look back, I can remember, I can relive the moment that happened so long ago.

From time to time I am asked to help capture other people's moments, my family or friends to be exact. I simply embrace the challenge, and deep down inside feel giddy to be able to share my passion for memory capturing with others. And, I suppose this is probably the way that a professional photographer feels each time they place the cool black body of their camera in their hand.

Before I share some of the memories I captured during my afternoon with my sweet friend Melissa and her beautiful baby girl Charlotte Loren, I want to thank the person who introduced me to photography. My dear friend Molly Marie Williams sold me her first camera, introduced me to the world of capturing my memories through the lens, and inspires me to keep snapping with every amazing photo she takes. If it wasn't for her, my memories would be a mere blur in the file cabinet of my brain. I am so thankful for her friend, her talent, and her willingness to share.

And...without further ado, I give you my friend Melissa and her baby Charlotte Loren.

Sunday, November 13, 2011


Growing up I wasn't much the girlie type! I played soccer; I wore my hair up in a bun; I didn't care much about fashion!

But, as a Mom of two girls, I want to be able to pretty them up! I want to make them the girls I never was! I yearn for Everything cute and sweet wrapped up into one! Thus, I attempt things like the lattice braid below!

It's nowhere near perfect, but it's pretty! And, pretty makes me happy!

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

The cone!

What 10 month old do you know that can eat ice cream like this all by herself?

Friday, November 4, 2011

Cowgirl Up!!

This girls are all cowgirled up today. Nana & Papa Goble keep these two girls in style!!


Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Toy Story Costumes & More

This year Giulietta decided she wanted to be Jessie from
Toy Story. So, of course Presley and Charlie had to be a 
member of the cast along with her. After little thought, it was decided
 that Charlie be Buzz, and Presley be a Little Green Alien. 

And...they were the cutest Jessie, Buzz, & Little Green Alien around.

The Gang

Our Little Green Alien

Our Rootin' Tootin' Cowgirl Jessie

Trick-or-Treating Fun


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