Tuesday, October 27, 2009


Giulietta and her family at her 1st birthday bash!!
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One Year Old

Giulietta turned One!
The day was beautiful and full of friends, family, and duckies.

For Mom & Dad, it was bittersweet!

The last year has brought so much change, love, growth, and
beauty for all of us. Giulietta has transformed our lives from
a loving couple to a beautiful family in the matter of a few months.
 She has given us the gift of parenthood and unconditional love. The
magic in her eyes, smile, and the way she says our names make
us melt each day and yearn for her to grow, but stay young
forever. We know that the future will only be brighter for
all of us, because we will walk or run the path together!

Happy Birthday Baby G!
We Love You!
Mama & Dada

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Looks Who's a Big Kid Now

This playset in our backyard further proves
how Giulietta is no longer a baby, but a true toddler! 



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Giulietta Duck

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She loved opening and playing with all her gifts.
But, most of all, she enjoyed saying Thank You 
to everyone.



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She always full of hugs!



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Happy Birthday Baby!

She loved the attention, singing and look
of the cake. However, I had to help her feel it! 
After I showed her she didn't have to be so gentle,
she started going to town! 



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I'm One!!

She is one! We can't believe how fast
she has grown in such a short amount of
time. And, we feel blessed to have her in our lives!

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The Quack Quack Cake

Of course it had to be a duck!! And, she wouldn't
stop quacking!! 



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Knott's Scary Farm

Yes, I brought my one year old to Halloween Haunt, where
ghosts, goblins, and monsters make grown adults cry. 
However, I needed to take her picture with her family.
I know that many might think that I tortured her for my
own needs of getting some photos. But, even though she
in only a year old, she is a natural born haunt 




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Saturday, October 10, 2009

Hugh Hefner Competitor

I think Giulietta might look as cute and comfortable
as Mr. Playboy, himself, in her robe!
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Twinkle Toes

Giulietta's feet might be big, but her toes are 
awefully cute!! 
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Baby Blue Eyes

Giulietta's blue eyes mezmerize almost everyone she
meets, because she really knows how to sparkle them!

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Friday, October 9, 2009


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