Monday, July 26, 2010

Friends for Life

Today I realized that we have been blessed with the Worlds Best Friends
right across the street!

Usually I post about the shenanigans that Giulietta and Charlie take part in,
or the new milestones they have reached; however, these two best friends
wouldn't have the relationship they do if it wasn't for my crazy neighbor that
ventured across the street one day, and asked to meet the girl that lived in my

Over the past few years, Marci and I have become the best of friends. We
share our secrets, insecurities, free time, and children. I can honestly say
that my journey through motherhood would not be as easy, natural, or
enjoyable without my wonderful friend. She makes me think about the
hard things, laugh at myself when I would otherwise be crying, and provides
my daughter with the best playmate right across the street. Thanks Phee's
for bringing us Morad's such great friendships. We LOVE you all!!

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Caught in the Tub

Giulietta and Charlie have apparently found a new place to play. When
Marci and I were talking in the living room, we noticed that the kids had
disappeared and where suspiciously quiet. After searching the entire house,
we finally found the two in the bath tub. We aren't quiet sure why they have
chosen to play here, perhaps it is because it is a forbidden zone, until bath
time. Whatever the reason, it has now turned into their favorite place to play!

Monday, July 19, 2010


Last week Ryan cooked up these yummy Ribs from
Lucille's, which is one of our favorite BBQ restaurants.
After trying to convince me to try some, and me only
taking a very small bite, he pushed the ribs onto G.
Not only did she LOVE the ribs, but she ate them
just like her daddy!

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Thursday, July 15, 2010

I'm gonna get you!!

As G is playing out in the backyard running through the
waterpillar this past Tuesday, she grabs the antennae
and turns them on us. We were laughing so hard because
of her devious act that we couldn't get up and move!
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Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Happy Father's Day!!

After a long day of celebrating with Daddy & the
Fafa's, G curled up on the couch with her favorite
man to watch a little Dora before bed!
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Potty Time

Giulietta has been practicing going potty on the Big Girl
toilet. When she sits on her Dora seat, we usually
read/sing the "Wheels on the Bus." Her reward for
using the potty is one M & M, unless someone decides
to be extra generous. ;)

So far, G is doing a good job on the potty. We are trying to
be as consistent as possible and super positive. Whenever
she enters the bathroom, she says "One M & M?" It's
really the cutest!
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The new Tricycle

Giulietta has been allowed to generously borrow this
tricycle from our cousins Elisabeth, Myles, & Chloe.
She loves wearing her helmet, and jumps right on
the trike ready to go! Ryan is working hard with her
to keep her feet on the pedals and push, push, push. G
says "pedal, pedal, pedal" and tries her hardest to
do it by herself! We know that in no time she will be
racing down the street!
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Our Little Mermaid

Giulietta has learned how to "swim" in the bathtub.
Instead of playing with her many bath toys, our
girly likes to lay on her tummy kicking her legs and
flapping her arms. Last night, she shocked us by
laying down on her back and side with her ears
submerged under water.
The funniest part was that when we talked to her,
she would yell back because she couldn't hear us as
well due to her ears being under the water. It makes
us happy, but also scared to see that she has little to
no fear of water!
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The CART!!

On Sunday, my dear friend Marci and I took the kiddos
out for a little shopping. They both picked out a balloon at
Party City, ate cookies which I wisely stashed in my purse,
and rode around in this massive shopping cart at Wally
Marci managed to push the cart around Walmart with
only jamming the kids into a corner a few times,
almost running over a person or two, and running over my
foot leaving my big tow in need of a pedicure. Overall, our
trip was a success, and ended with only a couple tears!
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Sunday, July 11, 2010

I scream, You scream, We...

All scream for ICE CREAM!!

What makes me laugh the most about this picture is
the fact that when the ice cream had melted, G picked
up the bowl between her two hands and sipped it just
like Ryan taught her to do with the milk from her
cereal! This little act just reminds me of how
smart our little lady is!
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Giulietta in the Box

As we were trying to ship out some clothes that G had
outgrown to our cousins Tony & Angie, who are expecting
a baby girl in just a few weeks, our little lady thought
it would be fun to get into the box.

As it appears, boxes, important papers, and
pretty much anything that belongs to Mommy or
Daddy is much more fun to play with then the
books and toys that she had labeled "MINE!"
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