Saturday, September 12, 2015

Choo Choo Holden is Two!!

Moments like the one captured below do not happen everyday, every week, or even every month! Moments like the one captured today, are the type of interactions I yearn for, relish in, and imprint on my heart forever!  I'm so thankful my sweet friend, Lyndsey, captured this moment and sent it to me with no words attached! No caption is necessary here, and only a fellow Momma would understand how special these few seconds of pure connection with my little dude really were! The twinkle in his eye, the crinkle in his nose, and the giggle in his throat captured in this priceless picture are images and sounds that I will never forget! My love for this sweet boy runs further then any train track he could ever build or ride. 

Today, we celebrated Holden's second birthday surrounded by many of our amazing family members and dearest friends! For two hours my little man, dressed like a cute train engineer, road the rails of his own private train! His smile stretched from ear to ear, his little hand waved vigorously, and his heart was incredibly happy as the train raced down the tracks! It was amazing to see him so excited, feeling special, and loved by all! 


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