Monday, March 28, 2011

Spa Princess

Presley just LOVES lounging around in her bath. 
She is seriously a lucky little princess! 

Rolling, Rolling, Rolling on the bedroom floor!!

The last few weeks, Presley has been flipping from 
belly to back. Every time we get the camera out, she 
becomes shy and won't do it. However, tonight we
were lucky enough to get her in action, and became
very excited!
Giulietta was in the other room watching her new 
favorite show, "Word World," and promptly ran 
in when she heard all the commotion we were making
over Presley flipping. She then laid herself on the floor,
told me to put her on her belly, and the following 
Our girls, just make our day!! 

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Say Cheese

Presley sure does know how to warm a heart
with her Giant Happy Smile! 

Cart Cruisin' Cutie's

While at Costco today, Presley got to ride
up in the basket part of the cart for the first time.

Presley enjoyed looking around at all the people, food,
and other item, while Giulietta enjoyed having
her sister right next to her.  Mama loved showing
off her two little cutie's!! 

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Her First Taste

At just over 3 months, Presley tried Peaches for the 
first time. Much to our surprise (because, she is such
a little nurser), she thoroughly enjoyed them. 
 Here comes the peachy goodness!!
She will certainly be happy to know that there is so 
much more out there then Mama's Milk! :)

Friday, March 25, 2011

An Ordinary Friday Night

at the Morad home involves Presley trying Peaches for 
the first time, 

Giulietta getting a ride to her bed by her Daddy,

followed by a bedtime story!

Life doesn't get much better than this!!

10 little fingers...

...and, 10 big ones too!!

Recently Giulietta has become interested in having her nails
painted. So, the other day I had her pick out some nail polish
at Target, and us girls sat down and painted. 

G wasn't the only one that ended up with purple nails. 
I did as well! 

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Look at me, I'm G!!

Giulietta is still adjusting to having competition
in the house with her new baby sister Presley. So,
from time to time we see behaviors that drive us 

Or...some that just make us laugh! 

Monday, March 21, 2011

Nap Time

Presley is a great little sleeper. She naps for about 4 hours
every afternoon, and is sleeping great at night.
In fact, the last two nights she has slept from 9 pm till
about 6 am. Needless to say, Mama has been well rested

Story Time with Nana

On Tuesday nights, Nana & Fafa have the 
pleasure of spoiling the girls while I'm at
school, and Ryan is getting ready to go to work.

A few weeks back, Nana even helped put the
girls to bed with a few bed times stories.
As you can see, Nana is enjoying this time
just as much as the girls! 

Sunday, March 20, 2011

One Rainy Day

Seeing how Giulietta received Princess Rain boots from
the Phee family (Thanks Phee's!) for Christmas, I thought it was 
appropriate to go out and splash around in the rain today!

G put on her tinker bell jacket, princess rain boots, then grabbed her
princess umbrella and trotted out the door to find some puddles.
At first she tried to hide underneath her umbrella!

 But, once she realized the umbrella was a hindrance to her
splashing, she put it one the grass and went to stomping!

After about 20 minutes of pure stomping bliss, we headed
inside with 2 wet knees, and some very muddy boots! 

Friday, March 18, 2011

The Map!!

On a recent visit to Disneyland, Giulietta discovered
the map. After only taking a few steps into the park, 
she opened it up, and tried to find where she wanted
to go. Her friend Derek, helpfully pointed out
the path to get her to the cars. 

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

The Three Amigos

Or Leprechauns!

You see, the girls and I spend many mornings with these
two handsome boys. Devin and Derek are G's friends from
her preschool. However, the boys no longer attend Cypress
Learning Tree; they are cared for by G's old teacher Milissa. 

So, seeing how Giulietta only goes to school two mornings a 
week, we spend many of the other mornings doing fun activities
with these little munchkins. Today, the kids made St. Patrick
Day art projects. One of them was their cute little Leprechaun
hats that they are proudly showing off! :)


The blog postings are ALWAYS all about the girls
and what we as a family are up to. However, I wanted
to share this picture with everyone. You see, the man
in the center of this picture often gets left unmentioned. 
And, after all there would not be these two beautiful
girls and the wonderful life we lead without him. 
Ryan, Daddy or Daddy-O to the girls, is by far the best
husband and father us girls could ask for. Not only does
he love all three of us unconditionally, but he works 
tirelessly to provide for us, and devotes all of his time to be
with his family. He never complains, which I probably 
do enough for both of us, lets us down, or chooses himself
over us. He's gonna kill me for posting this picture, but it
shows who he is on any given night in our house. Glasses on, 
shirt off, and his arms filled with his girls! We love you babe!

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Flip, Flap and Fly

Presley amazed us once again last Friday morning 
by flipping over from her tummy to her back, just a week
before she turned 3 months old. Before we know it, this
girl is going to be rolling all over the house! Yikes!

Beauty is in the Eye of the Beholder

Therefore, I'd have to say this girl is Beautiful!

I know some may say that as parents, we are 
impartial to our children being the cutest, smartest, 
and best. However, no matter what time of day it is,
whether or not she has a bit of food smudged on her 
face, her pony tail is falling out making her bangs
cover her eyes, she has boogies crusted in the little
 crevices of her nose, or she is acting like the average
two year old, I'd have to say that my daughter is
one of the most beautiful 2 1/2 year old I have 
ever seen!!
Maybe it's her bright blue eyes that are so full of life,
her perfect rosy lips which make her look like she is
wearing lipstick, her double set of dimples on both
checks, or her silky golden blond hair. Whatever it is,
it makes me just want to stare at her all day long! 

Monday, March 14, 2011

The Cat in the Hat

March 2nd just happens to be Dr. Seuss's Birthday. So,
we chose to honor him by making a Cat in the Hat face, 
and a life size hat that G could wear. After all, Dr. Seuss
has been entertaining kids and their parents,
 around the world for almost 100 years. 

I just LOVE her little (big) feet!!

G's cat!!

Marble Painting!!

She couldn't help touching the wet, red marble's!!

Her Cat in Hat hat (or butcher hat as Ryan would refer to it)!!

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Little Fingers

A few weekends ago, Marci and I took all three munchkins
out to Newport Harbor Nautical Museum to feel some animals
in their touch tank. The add in the parentingOC magazine was
way too good to be true, but I will go into detail on that later. 

You see, the kids fearlessly touched a sea star and
splashed around the tank with their little fingers! 

Saucer Smile

Presley is now standing in her Saucer. She has a bag
of Pampers underneath her as a foot stool and a blanket
wrapped around her belly for added support. Our girl
is loving exercising her body, while willing her hand to
 make the toys work, and smiling the entire time! 

Sunday, March 6, 2011

The H to the D!!!

As we were going about our normal Saturday morning 
routine of gymnastics, breakfast, then home, we decided
to stop by Home Depot for a few items. What did we find?

Well...we found their monthly Saturday Morning Kids 
Project. Ryan turned to G and said, "Do you want to 
build a car?" G promptly responded with "Yup!" And, so 
they did. 

Giulietta was given her own HD apron, and a car to build. 
Ryan and her set to work assembling and putting the stickers on.
When it was finished, she raced it down the track, received a 
certificate of completion, and a pin for her apron. It was
really soooo much fun! 

Now you know where you will find these two on the first 
Saturday Morning of each month. But, only after gymnastics!

Friday, March 4, 2011

Flaming Red

Presley hair is turning more and more RED everyday! At
first we thought she might end up with Brown hair, then
it was looking a little Strawberry Blond, but as you can 
see from this picture, it is undeniably RED! 
Boy does Daddy have his hands full with his two little beauties! 

Red Light Cam!!

No...Giulietta and Ryan did not run a red light and get
their photos taken. But, Mama did get them in action on 
the Autopia ride at Disneyland. And, I am still trying
to figure out how to use my new camera with all
it's fancy settings!  


Even though it doesn't quite look like it, Giulietta is
having a blast driving Daddy all around Disneyland.

During this visit, Mama tortured Giulietta with a ride
on Matterhorn Mountain, which G promptly vowed
to NEVER go on again. We also took a family spin 
around the world on It's a Small World, and finished
off our Magical visit with a box of popcorn for our
big girl and a Dole Whip Ice Cream for Mama.  


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