Wednesday, January 11, 2012

The things she does...

Tonight is one of those nights when I am extremely tired and don't feel like doing anything but going to bed! Truth me told, I'm actually writing this entire post on my phone! However, I made a promise to myself and my girls to document something everyday!

So, I figured I'd share why I am so tired! Let me preface this with the fact that I'm frugal or cheap, call it what you want! Thus, I do things, like the ones below, to save!

Last night, well actually about 2 AM this morning, I am awakened from a deep sleep, you see I went to bed only an hour before, by Giulietta holding her diaper...yes she is still wearing pull-ups or diapers at night only, because she refuses to give up the drink at bedtime & I just don't feel the need to fight it...she plops the soaked size 5 on my pillow, and irritably announces "my diaper won't stay on!" After I realize what's going on, I spring out of bed and quickly change her and put her back to sleep! Then, about an hour later she is back on the side of my bed telling me about an imaginary mouse in her room that was talking to her! Once again we march down the hall, snuggle her in and we sleep for a few hours more!

Moral of the story: the size 5 diapers suck, but were given to me for free so of course I am going to use them!

Here's to getting some sleep tonight!!

This little princess sure is!

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