Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Lo-lolololo-lolololo-lolo, Auntie Lolo!!

My dear friend Laura (aka Lolo) is seriously the best Auntie ever. Yesterday she came for a little visit, and was greeted at the door by two very excited and anxious little girls. She could barely set our Diet Cokes on the counter before she was swept into the Princesses bedroom and handed book after book after book.

In between all the reading from up high (you see, Presley grabs for all the books now and won't let anyone finish them once her little fingers get them, so up high is the safest place), she got baby handled by Presley who was in awe of her diamond stud earrings, a lap full of Giulietta who loves her snuggles during a good book, and snotty slobbery kisses by her sweet God daughter! Of course Auntie Lolo never thinks anything of the girly madness, in fact she embraces it, treats my daughters like there is nothing more important or more special then them in the whole wide world, and loves them like they were her own. And, that is why we love her and the time she spends with us!

Fun with Lolo Jan 2012 3

Fun with Lolo Jan 2012 5

Fun with Lolo Jan 2012 13

Fun with Lolo Jan 2012 10

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