Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Best Face of 2011

When asked to search through my thousands and thousands of photos to find the BEST whatever, it is nearly impossible. Let's face it, I LOVE them all, or most of them, and that is why I keep them.

However, even though 2011 was filled with many open smile faces and faces filled with joy, delight, wonder, and excitement, I'd have to say that the picture of Giulietta below is my best face picture of 2011. It might not be the best photography wise, but is is the best in capturing...

My daughter.
My first born.
My first best thing that I ever did.
My rule follower.
My shy one.
My Little Miss Independence.
My smarty pants.
My big sis.
My analyzer.
My 99th percentile.
My over achiever.
My Dancing Queen.
My thinker.

Giulietta Elizabeth
March 2011
2 years, 5 months

G in the rain March 2011 1

If you would like to view many other Best Face Photo's of 2011, go on over to iheartfaces.  


  1. Great photo. Sometimes my favorite photos have no smiles, but lots of personality!

  2. Great picture of such a cutie! I love that you picked a photo that means something to you for your choice of best face for 2011! It makes it that much more special!

  3. How precious! How do you pronounce her name?

  4. Thanks everyone for the awesome comments. My daughters name is Giulietta, and it is pronounced JH-UWLiyEHT-ah. It is an Italian name, as in Romeo & Giulietta. So, my husband and I felt that she deserved the Italian spelling. I'm hoping she embraces the mis-pronunciations of her name as she grows older, because it is very beautifully said by most Italians. Also, we chose her name because when we visited Italy, we were 10 weeks pregnant with her. You can check out this post for more! http://giuliettamorad.blogspot.com/2008/12/many-of-you-wonder-about-giuliettas.html

    Thanks for the interest Amy & Luke! :)


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