Wednesday, December 20, 2017

Morad Six Very Merry Christmas 2017

This my friends is what it looks like trying to capture a family photo with four littles under the age of nine. 

Saturday, September 12, 2015

Choo Choo Holden is Two!!

Moments like the one captured below do not happen everyday, every week, or even every month! Moments like the one captured today, are the type of interactions I yearn for, relish in, and imprint on my heart forever!  I'm so thankful my sweet friend, Lyndsey, captured this moment and sent it to me with no words attached! No caption is necessary here, and only a fellow Momma would understand how special these few seconds of pure connection with my little dude really were! The twinkle in his eye, the crinkle in his nose, and the giggle in his throat captured in this priceless picture are images and sounds that I will never forget! My love for this sweet boy runs further then any train track he could ever build or ride. 

Today, we celebrated Holden's second birthday surrounded by many of our amazing family members and dearest friends! For two hours my little man, dressed like a cute train engineer, road the rails of his own private train! His smile stretched from ear to ear, his little hand waved vigorously, and his heart was incredibly happy as the train raced down the tracks! It was amazing to see him so excited, feeling special, and loved by all! 

Sunday, April 19, 2015

A little late, but worth the wait

It's been a few months since I've last written, last documented, last let my emotions fill a page. Life gets busy, days turn into weeks-weeks into days, and other happenings take importance over the simple pleasures of writing the story of my life, of our lives. 

In December, we had our family pictures taken for our Christmas Card at Eldorado Park in Long Beach. As always, it was "fun" to try and get all three kiddos to sit, smile and look at the camera all at the same exact time. At the time the pictures were taken, Giulietta  was 6 years, 2 months, Presley was 4 years, and Holden 1 year, 5 months. 

Tonight as I look back at the pictures, it's amazing to see how much my trio has changed and grown in the last four months. Longer hair, stretched out bodies and tanner skin are only the easily recognizable changes. Giulietta can read and dance, Presley tells us how it is and makes us laugh with her wit, and Holden says more words and rides his scooter. They grow too fast. I spend each day with them, almost every waking moment in fact, but they continue to grow, continue to change, continue to not allow me to keep them small forever. 

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Being Absent while you're Really Present

Sometimes I'm absent while I'm really present! 

I know that sounds strange, but it's the truth.  I'm in the same room as my children, but I'm not really there. I am that Mom who is too busy on my phone checking out what the rest of the world is doing, or I'm having a conversation with another person, or I'm reading a paper that came home from school or in the mail, or I'm in deep thought about the stresses that life throws at me, or I'm working on one of my may projects that I take on, or I'm simply just ignoring them because sometimes that's what I have to do to keep myself sane! Whatever it may be, nothing, and I repeat NOTHING is more important then the three little gifts that God gave me. 

Therefore, after a week from hell with too much juggling and not enough loving, I reflected on my actions and I vowed to change a cycle that was quickly turning into a nasty habit. 

So, today after school we went to the Aquarium. I stood back as they explored the beauty of the sea. I listened to their ooh's and aah's, I traveled at their pace, I answered questions even if it took me reading the entire wall of statistics, and I took time to explore an area that we've passed so many times without even realizing it. And, today taught me that being PRESENT is where I want to be. I know that every day can't be like today, that there will be times that I have to be absent while present to multi-task and get the job done, but at least I can try and make those times few and far between. 

I can give my undivided self to my children most of the time, because after all they deserve it ALL the time! 


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