Monday, January 23, 2012

Evening Walks

Marci and I have been walking around the neighborhood long before we had kids! In fact, our late night walks gabbing away about anything and everything is really how we became such close friends!

The two neighborhood ladies turned into two Momma's pushing a double stroller packed with two little kiddos, and has now multiplied into two double strollers stuffed with four sweet smiles! Nevertheless, we are out there a few nights a week walking and talking!

These walks are by far some of my favorite times of the week, merely because we get to share it with some of our best friends in the entire world! As the kids grow older, and the walks become fewer I will hold times like the one pictured above dear to my heart! I can only imagine and hope that one day it will be our kids pushing us around some neighborhood, instead of us pushing them!

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