Saturday, February 18, 2012

Weekly Round-Up

I try to carry my big ole' camera everywhere we go that way I don't ever miss
a shot of these growing girls. However, it just doesn't happens and it's okay
because I always have my phone with me. Most of the time I take these shots
and try to sneak a minute to upload them to Facebook, but it doesn't alway happen.
So, my next thought is to put them in a collage at the end of the week to post, but
I have never gotten around to that either.

This week, all that changed when Marce introduced me to Instagram. As you
can see from below, I went just a little Instagram happy! The App is quick, easy,
painless, and fun. I even found time to make a collage of our week and I plan to
make this a weekly habit! Hope you enjoy!

Instagram 2/12-2/18 2012

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