Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Treat of the Week...Coney Fruitiness

I'm not really one who craves sweets, chocolates, or even big bowls of ice cream. As much as I enjoy
those fine desserts, I would rather indulge in a greasy bag of crispy french fries or an overloaded and
cheese oozing grilled cheese sandwich. However, none of the items listed above are all that weight
watcher friendly. Sure you can splurge and have them every now and then, and that's fun, rewarding,
and exciting. And, the truth of the matter is that every now and then is NOT every night or even once a

So, when I went searching my cupboards last night for something slightly sweet and different to indulge in with a low points plus value, I came up with what I now call The Coney Fruitiness!

Fruit Cone Dessert MWM Blog Feb 2012 5

Much to my surprise, a regular sized sugar cone (Market Pantry from Target is the one I used) is one points plus value. When I saw this, I was excited and intrigued. What could I add to my cone, instead
of some sherbet that would curb my sweet tooth, change things up a bit, and use as few points plus as possible?

Fruit Cone Dessert MWM Blog Feb 2012 4

Then it hit me! A crunchy cone filled with a tad bit of fruit (strawberries  and bananas) sounded utterly delicious. And...all for just one points plus value. But, that was too cheap, and I had some room to add more.

Fruit Cone Dessert MWM Blog Feb 2012 3

So, I preceded to heat up a little bit of Nutella (1 teaspoon) and spread it on the inside of the cone. This little tad gave just enough of the chocolaty taste I was craving, and only cost me one more points plus value.  Now up to two points, I once again decided to take it one step further by drizzling a little bit (1 tablespoon) of Hershey's Carmel Syrup on top of the entire treat.

Fruit Cone Dessert MWM Blog Feb 2012 1

The Coney Fruitiness looked amazing, tasted amazing, and only cost me 3 points plus values. As much as I enjoy the Weight Watchers 3 point snacks, I do believe this treat took me longer to eat, was more filling, and definitely more tasty. The best part is that I can have it again tonight and not feel like I'm cheating!

What treats or snacks do you indulge in on a daily basis? Please do share!

Nutritional Breakdown for The Coney Fruitiness:
Market Pantry Sugar Cone- F(0) C(12) F(0) P(1)
Nutella (1 teaspoon) - F(2) C(4) F(1) P(1)
Carmel (1 tablespoon) - F(0) C(13) F(0) P(0)

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  1. That looks delicious!

    I crave Mexican food all the time so my healthy answer to that is homemade taco salads. I shape wheat tortillas into an oven safe bowl, lightly brush them with olive oil (it doesnt take much) and bake them at 350 for 15 minutes to get a crisp taco shell. Then I fill it with black beans, chicken seasoned with chile powder and cumin, lettuce, diced tomatoes, and a tiny bit of cheddar cheese and a few slices of avocado for indulgence. I'm not sure how many points this would be, but it's pretty darn healthy and so yummy. I made one for my sister in law, and she loved it, too.


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