Friday, February 24, 2012

The Cloth Booty

I've often thought about switching from plastic store bought diapers to cute patterned
cloth diapers, but it always seemed a bit too intimidating, and a bit too much work. Boy,
was I mistaken. I am very grateful to one of my awesome mommy friends who
explained to me how cloth diapering works, and then graciously allowed me to borrow
many of the diapers in her personal collection. You see...buying or making cloth diapers
becomes an obsession. Not only is cloth diapering fun because I am making my own for
my little koala bear, but its less expensive, better for the environment, and totally easy!

Plus..theres no denying that this little cloth booty is the cutest thing around!

Cloth Diaper Booty Feb 2012 10

Cloth Diaper Booty Feb 2012 9

2012-02-09 at 04-40-01

2012-02-09 at 04-39-00

Cloth Diaper Booty Feb 2012 8

Cloth Diaper Booty Feb 2012 12

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