Monday, February 20, 2012

Around and Around She Goes

I've been taking the girls to a different park lately in order to switch things up, or
maybe it's just because we were in the area. Regardless, new parks offer new excitement.

Like always, Giulietta is quick to find the new excitement. She's not my dare-devil
by any means, in fact we basically have to beg her to go on rides at amusement parks.
However, when it comes to the equipment at parks she is all over it, never second
guessing herself. At this park they have a seat that appears to be tilted at just the right
angle so that when you sit on it, it spins and spins and spins.

You cannot keep Giulietta off of this thing. She squeals with laughter and delight
while she is on it, flies off fast and hard like a bull rider on its beast, and then walks
around like a drunkin' sailor who can't quite keep her balance. Who knew something
so simple, could be so enjoyable!

spinning thing at park

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