Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Her first high speed ride

Presley has been going to theme parks since before she was born. She's been on the train more times then I can count, jumped in the inflatable bouncer with kids three or four times her size, and enjoyed the sounds, colors and movement of the easy going rides at Disneyland.

I figured with her 14 month birthday quickly approaching, it was about time she went on her first high speed ride. So, while at Knott's on Sunday we gave it try. Presley stood in line patiently with her older sister, walked up to her little race car and climbed in with me to follow, and looked nervously around once our seal belts were fastened. Once the ride started her face was beaming with a huge smile, and her giggles were uncontrollable. I think the Peanut's Race Cars at Knott's are going to be a must ride with both the girls from now on.

First Knott's Visit of 2012 6

First Knott's Visit of 2012 5

First Knott's Visit of 2012 4

First Knott's Visit of 2012 7

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