Thursday, February 23, 2012

The Park

I've been soaking up the girls lately. It's not that I don't always try to soak them
up, but it just feels like time is flying by way to fast. They are growing taller, smarter,
and more beautiful too quickly right before my eyes and as much as I love seeing them
blossom, I also tear up thinking about how fast it's all happening. So, I've been trying
to sit back and watch them more, instead of trying to micro-manage their existence.

I've let them stand on benches even though my heart beats crazily out of my chest.
Girls in the Park Feb 2012 14

I've caught glimpses of them just thinking, pondering, wondering.
Girls in the Park Feb 2012 18

I've allowed them to explore and learn more freely without me right by their sides.
Girls in the Park Feb 2012 2

I've indulged them with playing pretend and making them feel like it was real.
Girls in the Park Feb 2012 17

I've stood back at a distance and watched them grow more independent.
Girls in the Park Feb 2012 9

And, I've noticed my heart smiling more and more as I've watched these two sisters
become truly inseparable and loving best friends.
Girls in the Park Feb 2012 8

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