Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Week ????...I'm still here!

Dear Mr. Weight Watchers,

I'm still here! I know it's been quite a long time, and I apology for my absence. Truth be told, my
weight loss journey has been slower then expected. It's been tougher then I had imagined it would
be. The weight has slowly slipped off, but it has been surprisingly more difficult then before. Perhaps
it's because life has happened, and my mind has been pre-occupied, or maybe because my heart just
hasn't been in the game. I can go on and on with reasons as to why I haven't been focused, dedicated,
tracking, and honest to myself, but none of those little tidbits really matter because, I'm still here!

And...I'm down 20.4 pounds.

I'm down 20.4 lbs this week! Getting closer & closer to the new me! In-N-out here I come! :)

Since my meeting leader challenged me to track the week of the superbowl, and much to my
surprise I lost 3 pounds that week, I've relentlessly continued. Right after I put anything into my
mouth, I pick up my iPhone and record it. And, I mean ANYTHING...any little taste, bite, crumb,
snack, meal or drink gets recorded. It has helped keep me accountable during the week, helped me
make a better choice before it's too late, and helped me think about what I'm choosing to consume.
In fact, I've found myself putting an item down after raising it to my mouth to take a bite, looking up
points plus values before I decide to eat something instead of after, and asking for a box when I go
out to eat that way I can box the leftovers before they become a temptation.

And...I'm now losing faster and easier!

Only I can control me!

This past weeks meeting really brought out the Psych major in me, because it made me think about
how food, weight loss, and other details in life tended to control me. However, the new me, or the
new me that is in the making is starting to control each one of these aspects more and more each day.
The lighter, more concentrated and determined me is taking my weight loss journey and my life by control. I'm starting to reframe the way I see eating, losing weight, and walking this path of life.

And...I'm starting to really believe that only I can control me!

Thinking differently #weightwatchers

Here's to another great week with ME in control. I have my 10% goal in sight, and nothing is going
to stop me now!

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