Tuesday, April 30, 2013

This Moment

There are many moments these days that I take snapshots with my heart so that I can look back and remember the beauty of them, and then there are those that I actually capture and thank God that the shutter on my iPhone was able to blink fast enough for me. This is one such moment that I've been holding onto, saving up, really thinking about how I wanted to share it.

To me, it screams beauty, love, and a bond between a brother and sister already forming. As I sit here right now looking at this innocence, tears are streaming down my face, ya ya I know it's probably the dumb pregnancy hormones and that the tears have been coming so much easier these days, but really truly this moment melts my heart.

You see, my sweet Giulietta doesn't openly talk much about having another sibling, she doesn't really play with dolls or show any real motherly interest, and she doesn't seem to be adjusting to the the new life we will all soon have when little brother arrives as smoothly as we were hoping. So, naturally we've talked a lot about the changes, spent special time together, and really have tried to make her feel involved.

Truth be told, life will be drastically different, our time together will be shared yet again with another person, and my first born will hold so much more responsibility then she already does. But, Giulietta will embrace it & run with it, just the way she did when her sister was born. She'll love him the minute his little eyes look into hers, and when he holds her hand for the first time. I just know it!

Until then, this beautiful moment of her feeling him kick for the first time, and seeing the delight in her smile will forever be imprinted on my heart!

Baby Boy

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