Friday, April 5, 2013

First Born Princess...Monthly Update

The girls are growing so damn fast! I blink and they are taller, smarter, and more beautiful! I try my best to document the growth on our blog through our daily, weekly, and monthly events, but I get behind because life happens. So, I've decided to start doing a monthly update on each one of them to more vividly show their growth, their progress, and to simple state something that strikes me about them in the short four week span, because we all know that one day we won't remember these little moments like we do today! it goes!

Giulietta Elizabeth
4 years, 5 months old
This girl LOVES anything to do with drawing, painting, or making her creative mark on this world. She is hating change these days, and is especially sensitive when it comes to her new shared room.
G is writing all the time, asking how to spell things, and noticing patterns in language & vocabulary.
She takes a special interest in keeping Presley safe, taken care of, and happy!
Easter 2013 86

Easter 2013 59

Easter 2013 85

Easter 2013 66

Easter 2013 87

Easter 2013 67

Easter 2013 89

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