Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Egg Dying Party...A Family Tradition Continued

When I was a young child, we would dye Easter Eggs every year with my cousins! The colored tablets would be placed in cups, hard boiled eggs would lie in there cartons, each child would get a spoon, and we all would sit around a table turning the plain white eggs into magical colored ones. Even though this was one afternoon a year, the memories of the time spent with my family have been permanently imprinted on my heart.  So, I have continued this tradition with my own children.

Every year, we have dyed Easter Eggs sitting in our dining room with our "cousins, " the Phee Family! Every year, I invite more and more family & friends to join us, because for me...the more the merrier! This year, the Phees (both Charlie & Alice), as well as the girls new friends, Kate & Vivienne, joined us in our yearly tradition. The kidlets turned their eggs & little fingers brilliant colors, played a little, listened to Nana read them a special Easter story, & indulged on some yummy Spring cupcakes! It was a wonderful afternoon spent with our "cousins" & dear friends continuing a tradition that I hope one day my girls will hold dear to their heart just as I do!

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