Thursday, April 4, 2013

The New Suits!!

I've been sewing for about 2 years now, and I've wanted to attempt certain projects (such as a swimsuit)  but I've been a little intimidated! Just recently I've purchased some "special" fabric, looked longingly at it, and finally decided to JUST DO IT! Really, what did I have to lose? First, I made Giulietta a fun one piece which she most definitely LOVED!

Presley in her Bathing Suit 3

Presley in her Bathing Suit 2

Presley in her Bathing Suit 1

 And, today I attempted this little bikini for Presley. After I finished it I ran out into the living room, stripped Presley out of her PJ's, and we did a little photo shoot. My Princess jumped around as I bribed her with candy to stand still, keep her hands at her sides, and smile!

Presley in her Bathing Suit 1 Presley in her Bathing Suit 4 Presley in her Bathing Suit 7

To my surprise, these swimsuits were NOT at all as hard as I had imagined them to be! In fact, I already have more fabric lined up to make my little princesses a few more for the coming Summer! Hopefully, I can get a tutorial together, and add it to the blog real soon. But for now, you'll have to enjoy looking at my little ladies! Happy Thursday!

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