Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Hop Hop HIppity Hop!!

This Easter was filled with lots of Hippity Hopping and bunny basket fun, a yummy breakfast with my first ever attempt at festive deviled eggs, visits with lots of cousins, an Easter egg hunt,  pretty dresses & big brimmed hats, and LOADS of candy!

The girls woke up to Bunny prints, candy filled eggs, and carrots sprawled all over the floors of our home. I was so excited to capture their faces when they witnessed this magic that I literally slept with my camera on my night stand and set my alarm clock so I would make it into the hallway before them. They pointed, touched, giggled and hopped around imitating the bunny that had left his mark in our home the night before. With the magic flowing, the girls followed the prints to our dining room table where they found their bunny baskets overflowing with a few of their favorites as well as a bunch of candy! And, of course I allowed them to dive into the chocolate at 7 AM in the morning! Why not?

The day continued with breakfast around our table that included festive deviled eggs, delicious baked french toast, a crock pot ham, and a few others. Nana & Fafa, Fafa Rick, Uncle Nick, Auntie Laura & Baby Isla joined us as we ate, chatted, & enjoyed each others company. In the early afternoon, we ventured over to Aunt Bonnie's house for an Easter Egg hunt & more chocolate with more cousins! The girls took a quick trip with Nana to Knott's later in the afternoon, and we all ended up back at Nana & Fafa's house in the evening for a little TV watching.

All in all this Easter was amazingly spent with family celebrating love and life. It's becoming more and more real that next year we will have a little man joining our family. And, YES he will be wearing a Pink tie!
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My first ever attempt at deviled eggs! I'm pretty sure the Hubster is going to be one happy man in the morning!! #easter #deviledeggs #hubster Easter 2013 60 Easter 2013 61 Easter 2013 84 Easter 2013 63 Easter 2013 65 Easter 2013 73

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