Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Adding Another Branch to the Morad Family Tree

Last week when I was visiting Presley's Classroom for the Mother's Day Tea, I turned my head and saw this little gem proudly displayed up on her classroom wall. Instantly my eyes were drawn to the picture in the middle that I absolutely adore & credit to my AMAZING photographer friend Molly Marie Williams ! Then, my eyes continued to sweep the picture reading everyones name, until it came to Baby Brother. Instantly my eyes teared up and my heart was filled with this unexplainable joy!

It may sound strange to some, when I say that looking at this family tree which Presley made at school suddenly made it all seem real! Yes, I've had countless numbers of ultrasounds! Yes, I feel Baby Brother kick daily! Yes, I've pinned & pinned, dreamed & dreamed, and shopped & shopped for this little guy inside of me! However, it just wasn't made REAL until the moment I saw this picture, saw his name, and remembered that even though I couldn't see him physically in it, he was in fact in my belly at the time the picture was taken!

Our family tree of four branches has already been added to five, and I can't wait for the minute that I see my little princes face, hear his cry, and hold him for the first time!

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