Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Week One...Five Pounds Lighter

Dear Mr. Weight Watcher,

Yes, I made it through my first week on plan. Yes, I stayed on track by logging every damn morsel I placed into my mouth. Yes, I lost weight...five pounds to be exact! Yes, I'm happy, proud, and excited. No, I did not enjoy every minute of it. You see, you made me think, you made me make choices, you made me sacrifice.

Did I feel deprived? Yes, sure at times, but don't we all? Did I feel like giving up? Of course, especially when I watched my pregnant friend eat half of my bag of fries at Volcano Burger after she devoured her entire bag first. Did I step on the scale every morning delighted to see I had shed some weight? Uh huh, I sure did, and then I danced around my bedroom for a minute or two filled with pride.

But, I have to admit it wasn't all that bad. I did learn that it's no longer "points" we count but "points plus," one point items do not appear to exist any longer so one should be happy with finding something for a mere two points plus,  and thank goodness most fruits and veggies are zero otherwise I would have exceeded my points plus allotment almost everyday. The new program makes sense, it obviously works, and it allows me to feel  like I tricked you by being able to eat Volcano Burger at least once a week and still losing those few pounds at the same time.

However, it doesn't get any easier as time goes on like most other things do. In fact, it gets more difficult to resist the urge to eat the entire slice of Costco pizza instead of half of it, it gets more difficult to cook food at home instead of eat out, it gets more difficult to throw in the towel when my mouth is still watering, and it gets more difficult to realize that my yummy indulgences in the past are now few and far between.

I know! I know! At the end of the day loosing weight, feeling healthier, and looking good are my ultimate goals. And, I know they are attainable! Therefore, I keep plugging along this weight loss journey.

Here's to a good second week Mr. Weight Watcher! I know I'm still in the game!

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