Monday, September 19, 2011

The 3/4 Mile Marker!

It's hard to believe that Presley is already 9 months old.

This past month has brought redder hair, two more teeth on top, her 
waving hi and bye, and cruising around furniture. She has blossomed
into a little spitfire filled with energy and excitement. And, she can be found
 hanging on like a monkey to one of our hips now that separation anxiety 
is in full swing. 

She's developing a palate of pickiness when it comes to solids,
but will not turn her head away from any type of ice cream or frozen yogurt. 
Momma's milk is still her go to when she needs a little comforting and
our bonding time has been something we both secretly enjoy. As her first 
birthday quickly approaches and her independence sets in more and more each day,
Momma is soaking up a few extra minutes of rocking her Pella girl to bed 
every night. 

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