Thursday, September 1, 2011

Organizing Sippy's for only $2 in 30 Minutes or Less

Unorganized, disaster and mix-matched are only a few words I would use to describe the state of our sippy cup drawer before I went to town organizing it on Tuesday afternoon. In fact, this drawer wouldn't even close, let alone open, because the sippy's were so crammed in. 

Seeing how I couldn't even ask Giulietta to help me grab a cup to fill, and my frustration with trying to find a spot for each one after I took them out of the dishwasher was escalating, I knew some organization was needed. 

So, I decided to measure my drawers, pack the girls in the SUV and head off to the Dollar Tree in hopes of finding the perfect container for the girls' sippy's. 

After about an hour of searching, using a ruler to measure each hard plastic container and dragging the girls around the store feeling defeated, we found the perfect collapsible containers in the laundry area! Who would have thought? They came in four or five different sizes, two or three different colors and had  dividers. I grabbed a few of each, paid the checker and headed home to get to work. 

Once home the girls and I dumped the contents of the drawer on the kitchen floor and began organizing. I inspected each cup for matching lids, made sure the plastic inserts were attached, and determined which ones leaked. When all the "good" usable sippy's were pinpointed, I then chose ten "bulky" sippy's to save (8 to fit perfectly in their individual spots in the container & 2 to be used or in the sink), along with my favorite Take and Toss sippy's.  After about 30 minutes two new collapsible containers were neatly placed in the drawer with the sippy cups neatly stored inside of them, and one Momma was left feeling very eager to see what else she could container up!

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