Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Racking Up The Shoes for Less

My girls have a ridiculous amount of shoes and it's out of control! I know the only person to blame is myself, but they are just too hard to resist when they have a clearance sticker on the side of the box. My shoe obsession goes way back and I blame it on the fact that shoes have always fit me easily my entire life, with the exception of being pregnant, therefore I enjoyed buying them. And, apparently I am training my girls feel the same way by buying them way more pairs then what they need. 

With my shoe obsession comes the heaping pile of soles on the bottom of the girls closets'. And, this annoying mess had started to become a major problem in our little home when one water shoe got eaten by the enormous pile and my awesome friend Marci had to go out and buy Giulietta a completely new pair of water shoes at 8am one morning this summer, because the little princess had water play at school that day. Also, over the last several weeks Giulietta has been coming and telling me that she can't find a match. So, I decided something needed to be done with this pile, and done rather quickly! 

And, you know me, the usual over the door shoe rack or plastic holder would not do. Thus, I racked my brain and searched around for something that I thought would work. It had to be cheap, it had to be stylish, and it had to be functional. Luckily, on one of my many visits to the Dollar Tree this little hanging rack stood out, and I knew it would do the job. I threw a couple in my cart and excitedly headed home. 

The "Hubster" quickly attached three racks to the closet wall in less then 10 minutes by using a drill, 2 anchors, 2 screws, and his electric screw driver. 

Giulietta and I cleared out the closet, matched up the shoes, decided which ones were keepers, labeled the shoe bottoms and rack knobs with corresponding numbers, and then began hanging! 

All in all this little project took less then 30 minutes to complete, only cost me a measly $3, and has made it a million times easier for the little princess to pick out her shoes in the morning! There are smiles all around! 

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