Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Dear Mr. Weight Watcher,

Dear Mr. Weight Watcher,

Yup, that's right, I joined your following again! Fat Ladies Anonymous, I mean Weight Watchers, here I come. I know it's been a while since my painted toes have stood on your scales, tracked your points, and listened to your words of encouragement. But, excuse me for enjoying food, I mean life a little too much. I'm sorry if you have missed me, however I was busy packing on the pounds during my second pregnancy, and then continuing the indulging because I was breastfeeding. 

I know these probably aren't acceptable excuses to you, but quite frankly it was fun while it lasted! And, I promise now that you are holding me accountable again that I will do my best to listen to what you have to say at MOST of the meetings,  count MOST of my points, make good decisions about what I put into my mouth MOST days, and lose a few pounds MOST of the time. I can't promise that I won't cheat a little, binge every once in a while, and indulge when I feel like I need to, but I'm only human, I only live once,  and I know that you will forgive me like you have in the past. 

I hope our time together is quick and painless. Hell...who am I kidding? You and I will continue to have our love/hate relationship for the rest of our lives. After all, aren't you the one promoting the plan that requires one to make a "lifestyle change?" Don't worry, I understand that the things in life you want and value the most never come easy. Therefore, I have thrown in the towel on big Italian dinners full of carbs, Volcano Burger & In-N-Out multiple times per week, and big bites out of blocks of cheddar cheese before I go to bed. 

I am up for your challenge! Truth be told...I'm excited for it. We all know that I find great pleasure in finding a way to eat the foods I love while still staying within my points for the day. We all know that I relish in excitement by watching the number on the scale decrease each time I step on it. We all know that I desperately can't wait to wear all those pre-pregnancy clothes stuffed in the back of my closet. And, we all know that I take great pride in accomplishing my goals. 

So, here's to you Mr. Weight Watcher, to me, to our journey together! 


  1. That is the best. You should post on www website for all to be inspired.

  2. Katie! I'm doing weight watchers too! We need to talk. I have totally fallen off the wagon the past week but I'm getting back on starting now. We can encourage each other!

  3. Congrats on being brave enough to join Weight Watchers again! I am a Weight Watchers leader and just love the new program! Good Luck!



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