Sunday, August 14, 2011

Putting a little Sweet in the Dog + Dessert

Hot dogs again? Why...I think YES! But, these are no ordinary hot dog, these are Mini Hawaiian Dogs. Who doesn't love a little sweetness added to the juiciness of a good hot dog? 

Mini Hawaiian Dogs

To make these little tasty's you'll package of King's Hawaiian Sweet Rolls (2 rolls will be used for each hot dog, so purchase accordingly), one package of hot dogs, and condiments of your liking. 

First, cook the hot dogs any way you desire.  

Once the hot dogs are cooked and cool enough to hold in your fingers, cut them in half, place holes in the middle of the Hawaiian Sweet Rolls that are large enough for the hot dogs to fit through, and push those dogs on in. 

Then, enjoy adorning your Mini Hawaiian Dogs with your desired condiments. May I suggest Heinz Ketchup and French's Mustard delicately placed on the hot dogs, which I enjoy. Or try smothering them with Hormel Chili, and maybe some cheddar cheese (we didn't have any in the house believe it or not), which Daddy-O prefers.  

In addition to these Mini Hawaiian Dogs being extremely easy and fun to make, and taking less then 30 minutes, they were utterly delicious. The sweetness of the Hawaiian Sweet Rolls, the juiciness of the hot dogs, and the added flavors of the different condiments definitely complemented each other well. Big Sis ate every scrape off of her plate, and after Daddy-O took his first bite, he commented on how much they tasted like the good ole' chili dogs he enjoys from Wiener schnitzel

Wait...don't stop reading yet. Dinner might be over, but dessert is just getting started!

In the event that you have some left over Hawaiian Sweet Rolls, like we did (my store only had a 24 pack), then treat yourself to the Mini Hawaiian S'more. 

Mini Hawaiian S'mores

For this succulent treat you will need...Peanut Butter, Hazelnut/Chocolate spread, Marshmallow's, and the remainder of your Hawaiian Sweet Rolls. 

Cut the rolls in half, layer one side with the peanut butter and the other with the hazelnut/chocolate spread, and sandwich the marshmallows in-between. Place the rolls on a panini press or grill (I used the George Foreman) for 1-2 minutes. Then..Enjoy! 

If you liked the recipes above, more can be found on King's Hawaiian. And, please feel free to share your favorite way to eat any of the King's Hawaiian yummy products below. 

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