Tuesday, August 23, 2011

I Like Myself

Every night before we put the girls to bed, we read them a story. And, on most nights Giulietta chooses a timeless Disney classic which we have heard a hundred times, watched a million times, and can now recite the words of. They do have morals. They do teach lessons of patience, kindness, love, and everlasting friendship. And, they do entertain the kidlets time and time again. However, they are missing something. It could just be that they are familiar, or simply that they are children's fairy tales which I find far fetched and hard to relate to my own life. Whatever it may be, I am relieved when the bedtime story is something different. 

And, last night it was! In fact, the story that I haphazardly pulled off the shelf in a hurry was perfect. I am not quite sure where this book came from, nor had I ever seen it in my life before this very moment, but I was grateful. You see, this books tender words offered a true message about oneself that left me thinking deep on a night where I felt disgusted with myself for shoveling noodle after noodle and bread stick after bread stick from Olive Garden in my mouth like it was Thanksgiving dinner or my last meal. 

The honest words and creative pictures in this book made me think about how I view myself. Negative words such as over-weight, under accomplished, inpatient, and unorganized began swirling around in my head. It wasn't what I liked about myself that I was concerned with, rather it was what I didn't like about myself.  It wasn't the things that I did well that I took pride in, but the things that I needed improvement at that I started berating myself for. Basically, what I found was that I AM my most judgemental adversary. I AM the one who thinks, rethinks, and over thinks the things I wear, the way I behave, the words that come out of my mouth, and the life I lead. I AM the one who is most critical about me.

And....it needs to stop! I need to stop! 

But, this little spur of analyzing myself, just made me analyze even more. This time, however, I thought about how I want my daughters to view themselves. I don't want them to think or care about how other people judge them. I don't want them to try to change themselves because someone told them to, or they feel a need to conform. I don't want them to look at themselves in the mirror, and want to see a different image in return. What I do want is for them is to embrace their beauty. I want them to find comfort in who they are, and what they strive to be. I want them to know that they are PERFECT, as their Nana would say. And, I want them to one day throw their hands up in the air and yell, "I Like Myself!" and truly mean it. Because...after all, life is too short not to! 

I like myself! I'm glad I'm me.
There's no one else I'd rather be.

I like my eyes, my ears, my nose.
I like my fingers and my toes.

I like me wild. I like me tame.
I like me different and the same...

The clip above is taken from the children's book "I Like Myself" written by Karen Beaumont & illustrated by David Catrow. If you are interested in purchasing this amazing book for one of your kidlets, or someone you know, you can find it on Amazon. I highly encourage it!

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