Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Household Item = Butterfly Art

Have you ever looked around your home and wondered how you could incorporate an everyday household item just lying around into your kidlets art project? Well...your in luck, because I happened to do just that. 

In the last year or so, Daddy-O has taken up drinking coffee. He dusted off the coffee pot that was hiding way up in the top cabinet, which was only used once or twice a year when Nana Kim came to visit, and he put it to use for a few weeks. Then, our new found coffee drinker decided he was in need of a Keurig. He chucked the old pot system away, leaving the filters behind. Everyday I opened the cabinet, these white little filters were staring me in the face. 

Then, it hit me...ART...BUTTERFLIES...FUN!!!

For this project all you need is old coffee filters, watercolor paints, and black pipe cleaners. 

Spread the coffee filter out on a plate or piece of newspaper. 

Open the watercolors, and hand the brush to your little darling.

Let your kidlet use their imagination, and do their magic!

Once the coffee filter dries, take the pipe cleaner, fold it in half around the coffee filter and twist. Presto, a new butterfly is born! 

This little craft is quick to set up, simple and fun to do, ridiculously easy to clean up, and cute when finished. You can use these little beauties to decorate your child's room or as a fun toy for them to play with. 

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