Tuesday, August 16, 2011

8 Months...Count them...8

Presley is 8 months young!

She is full of vibrancy, life, and smiles.
She is crawling, almost pulling herself to stand, and constantly on the move.
She has discovered biting, and her teeth marks can be found on everything.
She finds the smallest pieces of anything, and they go directly into her mouth.
She is mesmerized by her older sister, but still enjoys pulling her long hair.
She can wave, repeat sounds, and boy does she babble on and on.
She still enjoys being rocked to sleep by Momma all nestled in my arms.
She plays with toys on her own, but prefers when someone is doing it with her.
She can suck out of a straw, and is constantly going for our Sodas.
She is a picky eater, but will eat just about any "real" food you give her.
She loves paper, plastic, or anything she isn't supposed to have that makes noise.
She finds water fun, and loves splishing & splashing!
She laughs when we laugh, and smiles ALL the time! 

She is our WILD CHILD! 

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