Wednesday, July 6, 2011


We have the luxury of living only 7 miles from the
California coastline, however we frequent it only a few
times a year! Isn't that something? People come from
all over the US to bask in the sun, run their toes through
the sand, and take a dip in the cool Pacific Ocean, and us
Californians, truly take our proximity to the ocean for granted.

Part of the reason we don't frequent the beach much is because I'm
not one for the way the salt and sand stick to your body and make you feel. I am 
well aware that some people out there long for that feeling, however
I am not one of them. But..I do long for the joy that the beach brings
my girls. So...I planned a beach day with my friend Laura, packed
a bag, picked up In-N-Out for lunch, and slathered on the sunscreen!

 Giulietta thought the bucket made a good hat. 
In fact, Laura and her have a running joke of asking each 
other, "Do you like my hat?" 

 Love moments like these with my girls! 

Presley is really the happiest baby I know!

She is for sure my serious daughter! Sometimes, 
I wonder what she is thinking inside that big brain of hers! 

 The girls enjoying Auntie Lolo!!

Pella enjoyed feeling the sand beneath her toes,
squeezed between her fingers, and under neath her tush!! 

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