Sunday, July 10, 2011

Girly Update

As an individual...

she is sweet, smart, and sassy all rolled up into one. She loves herself 
some Disney Princesses (hence the little mermaid costume), strawberry
anything (but more specifically the juice that only Nana buys), and 
keeping busy (which means that Mama is always on the go). She
is almost 3 years old, but definitely acts like she is 13 or maybe 30.
She makes everyone around her smile because of her big heart, 
warm hugs, and humorous personality. 
She is Giulietta, our first born.

she is dainty, cute, and always happy. She enjoys watching TV (anything
really) a little too much, having her sister make her laugh (which happens
rather quickly when G yells Presley), and her Ollie Octopus toy. She eats
pretty much anything, but favors pears and Mac & Cheese, however she is
gaining interest in what is on everyone else's plate. She is on the brink of 
turning 7 months old, and is stretching for independence. She constantly
wiggles when you hold her, rolls EVERYWHERE, is 
getting herself up on all fours, and is about to take off any minute.
She is Presley Ella, our second born.

Together...they are our daughters, and the cutest sisters that I know! 

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