Monday, July 18, 2011

7 Months Young Addendum

I realized as I was spending the evening with Presley that I left out a few 
important tidbits about her 6 to 7 month transition. So, here it goes...

Our little Sweet Pea just won't sit still. She is constantly trying to move. 
The days of her contently cuddling on our laps and easily being rocked
to bed at night are pretty much over. She wants to stand, roll, kick, bang,
and MOVE. 

The last few weeks have brought many sleepless nights for Mama, 
because Presley has been battling Thrush, a respiratory infection 
(probably asthma due to the RSV she had at 8 weeks), and TEETH!
Yes, our girl has a tooth, and most definitely a few more on the way! 
Nevertheless, she has plugged along with a sweet smile on her face.

And, even though this girl seems so dainty and petite, she is growing. She
has stepped up into her reverse facing car seat, and is enjoying
the extra room. Her crib has been lowered, so we don't find ourselves
with our soon to be really mobile baby climbing out, just yet. Also, we
have packed away her swing, vibrating seat, and floor mat in order to
bring out  more exciting toys to help get her sitting up and on the move.

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