Saturday, June 29, 2013

Sweetness & Strength...Celebrating 6 Years of Us!

It all started almost 15 years ago on a Band Bus. I turned around, looked into these beautiful deep blue eyes, and felt something!  One can call it a silly teenage crush or love at first sight. No matter what, it all started as a friendship, that turned into a serious boyfriend/girlfriend relationship, then a marriage, and now a family!

Today, we celebrate 6 years of marriage! It blows my mind to think that 6 years have escaped us so quickly, but then when I think about what the past 6 years have blessed us with, I'm reminded at how truly lucky I am to share this journey with:

a man who loves the true me,
a man who sacrifices day in and day out for his family,
a man who would rather spend time with his daughters then with friends,
a man who can fix, build and create anything, and when I say anything, I mean ANYTHING,
a man who constantly sees the wonderful, the fun, and the adventure in our life,
a man who has a passion for all things cars, tools, grease, and motors,
a man who is the best son, brother, friend, and father that anyone can ask for,
a man who is the most understand, patient, and kind soul I know,
a man who can make me laugh like no other with his quiet witty sense of humor,
a man who I fall deeper in love with each day I am married to him,
a man who I look forward experiencing the rest of my life with,
a man who I have dreamed of growing old with time and time again,
a man who I call my best friend!

As I walked down the short church aisle 6 years ago looking once again into those beautiful deep blue eyes, I felt something. This time, the something was unconditional LOVE! The kind of love that this girl dreamed of finding one day, the kind of love that has been challenging at times to maintain through so many years, but we have managed with style, and the kind of love that melts my heart each time I look deeply into my husbands eyes.

And, if someone would have given me a glimpse into the future on my wedding day 6 years ago, I would undeniably have run down the aisle to say "I DO" to my amazing husband. Because, you see, the last 6 years of our lives together have brought so much beauty, joy, growth, and love with:

the birth of our beautiful daughters and soon to be son,
many wonderful vacations,
loads of home remodeling projects,
late nights up helping each other with whatever tasks we took on and needed to finish,
time spent in the garage watching, creating, getting dirty,
walks around the neighborhood just enjoying our family,
a few too many "new" cars,
date nights out with just the two of us growing even more together,
sacrifice on both our ends because that's how we roll,
way to many lunches & dinners at In-N-Out & Volcano Burger because that's what I wanted,
wrestling matches & tickling fights when none else is looking,
time spent just hanging on the couch watching movies & cuddling with our girls,
laughs, giggles, hugs, and kisses

Ryan, time has brought your heart to me. I've loved you for a thousand years, and I'll love you for a thousand more. Happy 6 Year Anniversary! Here's to so many more years of blissful marriage filled with love, growth, and family.

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