Sunday, June 9, 2013

Preparing for OUR BOY

When having a new baby there is so much to prepare physically, emotionally, and financially! With this  pregnancy I started the preparing early, as did so many of our family and friends. Considering this is my third blessing, one could say that I've been here & done this two other times before. Even though I may be a little seasoned, there are things I have forgotten, things that are different, and of course, the fact that this little one is a BOY and not a girl.

As the weeks continuing to tick by, and Baby Boy grows big & strong, it becomes almost painfully hard to wait for the very first moment I set eyes on him and get to snuggle him in my arms. The piles of fun blue and boy stuff is stacking up, feet are swelling and being propped above my heart, pregnancy cravings are being catered too, my belly is growing and growing, and the love for our little guys is being felt stronger and stronger from not only us, but ALL our family and friends as his Birth Day arrives!

Baby Brother is already invading the sorry little sister! #babyboy #babybrother #closetspaceistight

27 Weeks...big belly, swollen feet, & lots of kicking! #babyboy #babybump #27weeks

Mother's Day Gifts Rock!! A bottle of ketchup for Momma & a Mustache Paci for Ferrari Corvette! @yotheyoster knows me so well! #ketchup #mustache #mothersday

I picked up these cute little #Mickey shoes for Ferrari Corvette's first trip to #Disneyland! What do you think Uncle Kaka @hardysarcade ??

This Momma is 28 weeks & in her 3rd Trimester Today!! I'm definitely growing fast, slowing down, and feeling very swollen! But, every little kick from my Baby Boy & every sweet rub of my tummy from his Big Sisters make it well worth it! I know the next fe

I can't wait to wrap Baby Boys Bootie in these cool diapers!!! #babyboy #honestcompany #skullsandcrossbones #babybootie

Auntie @yotheyoster has spoiled her Ferrari Corvette again!!! #babyboy #auntielovesherlittleman #FerrariCorvette

The Hubster knows how to make this Pregnant Momma happy! #pregnancycraving #babybump #krispykreme

My very first gift wrapped with a BLUE ribbon!! It's becoming more & more real that I'm having a Baby Boy!! #babyboy #blueribbon #potterybarnbaby

My boy!! #babyboy #babybump #almost30weeks

Today was such an AMAZING day!! I'm so thankful to have so many wonderful family & friends to shower My Baby Boy with open arms full of support, generosity, & LOVE! Thank you to everyone who had a part in planning the day & those of you who attended the V

This was a Baby Craving!!! #babyboy #babybump #31weeks #innout

What am I doing you ask? Oh...just sitting here watching my Belly move from side to side as I feel my Baby Boy doing a little dance inside! #babyboy #babybump #31weeks

Do you think we have enough for Baby Boys first year? #diapers #wipes #babyboy #ilooklikeahorder #extremecouponclipper

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