Sunday, June 9, 2013

Sliding Summer into Full Swing

Last year, Fafa Rick purchased this AWESOME water slide for the girls on Memorial Weekend! They played with it all summer long & Ryan and I may have climbed up a time or two. As the summer started to wind down, we cleaned up the slide, packed it away in its bag & let it sit in shed until the days got longer & hotter once again.

It was only fitting that the slide make its summer debut this Memorial Day Weekend. As you can see, the girls were more then thrilled to have their water slide back in action. They squealed with delight as they splashed throughout the entire day soaking up the sun! And, the slide will continue to come up & down all summer long as the fun in the sun continues for our little ladies!

Summer Fun Fridays 2013 6

Summer Fun Fridays 2013 5

Summer Fun Fridays 2013 4

Summer Fun Fridays 2013 3

Summer Fun Fridays 2013 9

Summer Fun Fridays 2013 8

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